An Early Bird Catches The Worm

I had just woken up when my alarm rang this morning. I was surprised seeing my husband was still awake finishing his programming task. I know how hardworking Mon is but I don’t want him to compromise his health just to earn extra income for our family. I asked him to sleep and finish his work later. We don’t intend to earn money just to pay for our hospital bills. Knock on wood. (Health is wealth Darling).

I felt strangely groggy like I still would want to snuggle in between my pillows. I checked my phone clock again if it was really the right time for me to wake up. It was exactly the right moment to get going. No more dilly-dallying for me then.

After I finished getting myself ready, before I left the house my eyes unconsciously peek through our wall clock in the living room. It showed 3:15 AM.

What?3:15 AM? That was an hour earlier than my usual schedule in going to work! I compared the wall clock time with my phone time which showed 4:15 AM. I got confused if which one was correct. I hurriedly checked my husbands wrist watch kept inside the drawer and found out that it was indeed 3:15 AM. Have I gone bananas for not checking my phone if the time was correctly scheduled?

What was I supposed to do being an hour early in the office? I was thinking of going back to sleep with my office clothes and with my make up on but eventually decided to leave the house and went to work. It’s better to be early than late anyway.

Instead of dwelling on to what happened to my alarm, I thought of a better way to divert my attention to something that could lighten up my mood. I didn’t want my annoyance for my mistake ruin my day.

After my shift, I went straight to one of the uptown malls in Cebu to purchase something for our house. Home department and grocery section are my happy places as a mother and a wife. It makes me happy seeing something new at home. I still love shopping for clothes, shoes and bags if needed for a special occasion, yes, ( Girl’s obsession) but for me nothing beats my first two top lists.

Here are the pictures of what I bought. The items only cost about Two hundred Philippine Peso or less for each. Would you believe that? You should because I got them.

This is the before and after picture of our footwear. Imagine how will you feel every time you’ll come home from work and this kind of mess will greet you at your doorstep. What a sight!


I’m happy to have found this cheap shoe rack. It’s made of plastic but the quality is sturdy.


These three heart shaped wooden containers in different sizes sold as one set are just perfect for my kitchen. No more disposable plastics for my canned goods, onions and garlic.


The wooden containers matched  with the color of my kitchen cabinets. I was looking for a blue container to match with the color of my fruit holder but I failed to find one. I’m happy I found these instead which looked better.


This little pink cotton dress added a girly touch to my kitchen. It’s a hand towel actually that looks like an infant baby girl dress. Lovely, isn’t it?


Those were just some of my happy pills. I didn’t purchase a lot because I didn’t want to go beyond my budget for my available funds.

We are the main decision maker on how our mood for the day will turn out to be. You can choose to spend your day to be cranky and appeared sulk or you can opt to be productive and be happy. I choose the latter.

Spread the good vibes everyone.


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