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Few weeks ago, we went to East Park Woodford Leisure Centre swimming pool to try it for the first time. I had no intentions of swimming at all because first, I got no swimming suit and second I don’t know how to swim. Bummer! Thank you Ate Susan for letting me borrow a swimwear. I’m starting to browse online to get my own swimming attire to use every summer. I should have done this months ago.😂LOL

That’s us fresh from the pool. East Park is becoming a frequent destination for us to spend our weekends. Apart from it’s a huge place to stroll and free, it has a lot of kid’s friendly play area our Akyn can explore to.

For today’s blog is more of an update of my newest books I had fun reading. First on the list is this old but gold Dear John by Nicholas Spark I’ve thrifted for only fifty pence. I always expect a sad ending if it’s Nicholas Sparks and I’m not wrong with this one. I watched the movie Dear John after finishing this to compare how it is portrayed in cinema vs the original written output. The actors are gorgeous Channing Tatum as John Tyree and Amanda Seyfried as Savannah. It made me picture them out better in every scene I’ve read. I wonder if John chose Savannah over his duty as a soldier, his life could have been more full of color living the dream with the love of his life. Our choices in the past is mostly the culprit of what path we are heading now. I’m glad to say in my own personal life, I’m thankful for my decisions in the past to come up with what I am now. They aren’t perfect decisions but they are surely better ones.👍

Second on the list is Ghosted by Emily Barr. I was about to drop this book and stop reading because I got so confused. Why it seemed I am reading two books in one story? It was only around the middle chapter when I got to understand the reason behind when the story of Ariel and Joe meets. If you like stories about ghosts then this book suits you. I love how each stories of each characters mentioned were detailed like how their lives were, before they realized they were already dead. I’m starting to like murder mystery genre, creepy but interesting to read. 👻

Let’s say I’ve picked another CoHo’s book. Who wouldn’t want to grab their hands on her creations anyway? I would compare this book like a Telenovela I used to love watching. Each characters has connections with each other . Too much drama going on with the story. It’s so heavy to read. I read to relieve stress but some books are so stressful to read, too. Especially when your emotions are deeply carried away with the chapter your reading. Coho you’ve done another emotional damage to your readers again but I’ll continue to be your fan. LOL😂

The last but the best is The Seven Husband of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. If you’ve read this book then we can be friends. I so adored this story. It definitely deserve it’s Tiktok hype of good reviews. It’s a story of the rising fame of a fictional Hollywood actress. I really thought EVELYN HUGO is a real person that made me search in Google after reading it. Taylor Jenkins Reid is one of my new fave writers now. I’m currently reading another book of her entitled Daisy Jones and the Six. I would say she writes exceptionally well that could make you wonder if what she’s writing is a true story because of how realistic she presents her plot.

I’m looking forward for more interesting stories to read and add to my book collection. In time, my trolley will be then full of my precious collections.

Lovely morning Pretty Mommas,

  1. I have wanted to read The Seven Husband of Evelyn Hugo for a while. These all sound like great books. I hope to do some more reading this summer!

    1. It’s definitely a nice book to read 😍

  2. I really need to start reading for fun again. Gonna bookmark this for later!

    1. ❤️

  3. Oh, I miss reading books. They are perfect for new ideas and inspiration.

    1. ❤️

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