Boys’ Time Off

Once in a while, it’s good to be relaxed and get entertained merely by seeing the beauty of the local place without spending too much for a luxury get-away. It was a great opportunity for my boys to unwind last Sunday when my in-laws came to visit Cebu. A well-timed experience for Akyn to spend time with his cousins from Naval, Biliran. It was a boys’ time-off for them while the workaholic me was working.

The whole gang went to visit the Miraculous Virgin Mary of Simala, Sibonga. I last went there when I asked help for my first pregnancy. If I can remember, my prayer was to save my supposed to be first gravidity but if the child was not really intended for us, I prayed for the Heavens to give us a chance to experience having another baby. After 3 months, my earnest hope came. I got pregnant again and delivered our cutie Baby Akyn. Nothing is impossible if it’s His will.

So many improvements happened to this place every time I’ll visit it. It continuously expand its castle like structure. With the great number of patrons coming, it’s just right to increase the accommodation for church goers.


Akyn’s older cousin’s Ate May and Ate Anya were both doing their Ate’s job in looking after with their younger cousin. Amazing, how these kids can exercise focusing their attention after a toddler with the fact that they only have a few years gap. I’m proud on how they were raised by their parents. I hope I can inculcate to Akyn how to be a responsible kid too. That’s going to be a challenging task for me to accomplish for sure. Wish me luck.



After the Sibonga trip, for the very first time they tried to witness the newly renovated Naga Plaza Boardwalk. I am in total awe seeing their photos. Our town plaza in Naga has again made an impressive renovation gaining more and more attention from both the locals and the traveling tourists.


Anya and Rey enjoying their DIY photo shoot. lol


Meet the Abilar cuties. Slow cap for Rey who can really pull it off when it comes to picture taking.


Because I got envy looking how they enjoyed it, we paid a visit to the Boardwalk at night. Yes, it never failed to impressed us.


The lights were creatively designed enough to illuminate the beauty of the area.


The new Naga Boardwalk and Park at night that caught the attention of the Cebuanos.



Colorful artificial trees serve both for aesthetic purposes and also, to shine the Boardwalk during the night.



If you want to spend less and enjoy more, please come and visit our town. I can guarantee you will never regret the experience.

See you there.☺



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    1. Thanks Minakshi for dropping by.. Will visit your blog too.

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