Junction 32 Half Term Break

Good morning beautiful world! Another blogging day for me on a rest day. We've just finished our half term break yesterday. Today is the first day of back to school routine of Akyn which means I got my Me time moment again to finally organize my thoughts to write.😍 One thing I've learned in our UK family journey is every school break means an opportunity to get some time off so we can spend it together with our boy. A time off from work is a must for exhausted working adults like us.(LOL)🤣 Nothing beats the smile of this young... Read More

Bike With Me

Got loads of stuff done this morning. First task accomplished was to sleep. Then sleep for another hour and eventually slept until midday. Yikes! What can we expect to do on a rainy cold morning anyway during your rest day? Felt so cozy warming my body under the thick duvet with my four year old boy sitting on the bed playing with his toys while I am dozing off. How extremely sweet that moment is? Mon is busy working from home in the living room albeit the bed weather for the whole day. Uh felt sorry for him for he... Read More

Things Have Changed

I do always consider “First experience” as a sweet memorable thing for us. Akyn opened doors for several “First Time”, not just in parenting but as a whole family. Excited like most first time parents would feel, the three of us love exploring those moments of being together. Unknowingly, our first time activities of being a family had made changes to our accustomed pattern of doing things in the same way like we used to do it as husband  and wife. Whether it’s as simple like dining together or spending a budget get-away, each marks a considerable happy encounter. One interesting aspect I’ve... Read More

Separation Anxiety

Akyn is becoming more clingy to his Daddy as they spend more time to play during Mon’s free time. It’s a daily routine of crying and wailing begging for more time to spend with him every time his father is about to head to work. How do you handle such behavior of your toddler? This is mostly the dilemma of working parents when you’re torn between staying at home with your child or going to work. If we could only do both responsibilities at the same time, we would gladly do it. What my child is experiencing is what they coined... Read More

Easter Egg Burger

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Because it’s Easter, my sister and I made a homemade burger with eggs as one of its main ingredients. Yey! Cravings satisfied. I recently watched the advertisement of some local fast food chains about their enticing burgers which made me salivate with just the sight of it. But upon purchasing one of the delectable burgers as shown on TV, I came to experience what it means with the quote that says“REALITY versus EXPECTATIONS”. Lol I better make my own food rather than believing with those witty tactics of those businesses. Note to self: Not all that glitters are gold. Ok, let's start cooking instead!... Read More

Boys’ Time Off

Once in a while, it’s good to be relaxed and get entertained merely by seeing the beauty of the local place without spending too much for a luxury get-away. It was a great opportunity for my boys to unwind last Sunday when my in-laws came to visit Cebu. A well-timed experience for Akyn to spend time with his cousins from Naval, Biliran. It was a boys' time-off for them while the workaholic me was working. The whole gang went to visit the Miraculous Virgin Mary of Simala, Sibonga. I last went there when I asked help for my first pregnancy. If I can... Read More

A Special Day For My Little Sissy

I consider myself blessed for having a sister to whom I can count as my best friend and my loyal confidant since we were young. We’ve been through a lot and we courageously managed to overcome all those struggles in life. She is always there when I badly need a companion to comfort me during my weakest. When I am celebrating a victory for an event, she’s my number one fan and my cheerleader. We aren’t a perfect sibling, we fight and get annoyed with each other’s differences, but at the end of the day, we’ve learned how to compromise for... Read More