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After almost eight years of service as a Chase employee, I never expected this day would come to finally say goodbye to my usual routine.(tears)Today is the last day of my shift as a banker of one of the world’s most renowned bank. I felt both happy because finally, I can get to practice what I really wanted to do and at the same time, sad for leaving the company closest to my heart. I don’t know but perhaps most of you can relate to this weird ambivalent feeling when resigning from your work for how many years.

Reminiscing back when a twenty three year old me submitted myself for an interview without having the guarantee of passing the hiring process. Many are hesitant to try their luck to be part of the Chase family because of how strict they are in making sure they hired the right applicant. I couldn’t explain where I got my confidence way back during my first time to step inside their recruitment office. All I knew was my strong determination to be in. If I would pass, it must be a job really intended for me. Can you appreciate the boldness of the inexperienced banker?

With God’s grace I got hired. I was happy. No happy is an understatement. I felt OVERJOYED. The feeling of you winning a large fortune was the best description. It wasn’t easy to get employed and will never be a piece of cake if you wanted to be one of their employees. They may have seen something in me to consider my intentions. It must me my beauty. How I wish! Lol☺

Days of training turned into months of getting used to the financial world and eventually helped me master my job in years. I am medically inclined by profession. Exposing myself to this world dealing with finances was entirely new to me. I was a novice but this company did not only mold me to be productive in my job but they also gave me their full support in my other endeavors. Thank you! I managed to continue taking my masters degree courses while working and had done several hospital volunteer works. Their unselfishness to let the employee grow is one thing I love about them.

Many would ask, “How did you survive for that long on this kind of stressful job?”

Yes, it’s true. The job itself wasn’t cushy as anyone would thought. There were so many things to consider to be recognized as an excellent specialist. A lot of adjustments to handle not just in trouble shooting work-related issues but most importantly in dealing with people I work with. It was TAXING but I loved it.

In my entire stay with this company, my beautiful memories outweighed the not so good days. Why?

Because everyday I chose to count more my blessings than complaining my frustrations. There’s no reason for me to grumble when I was well provided with benefits as an employee, got paid well and my direct managers were supportive. What more can I ask for?

My longevity as a banker also allowed me to increase my social connections. I gained more friends making my stay more exciting. Maintaining a life and work balance was so much possible if you got good people around you willing to spend a break away from the office. You’ll feel burnt if you don’t know how to have fun while working. Please remember that.

One important thing I’ve learned as an employee is in order for you to have a smooth sailing relationship with the management, you have to give them what they wanted you to deliver for the sake of improving the business. If they wanted apple give them apple. Go with the flow. But if you think the company seemed unreasonable with their demands, you can raise a feedback. If still no changes are made, you have an option to resign when their rules are no longer confirming with your life principles or you can choose to stay and be COOPERATIVE. It’s your prerogative. Less complicated, the better it is!

Let me share you this quote:

Acceptance. It’s not resignation, but nothing makes you lose more energy than resisting and fighting against a situation that you can’t change.”

-Dalai Lama-

Those were my secrets to survive in a corporate jungle. They may help you in some ways, I hope.

As I stepped out of the building today, I want to say thank you Chase for the opportunity. I’ll be bringing all the lessons I’ve learned from you on my next adventure.

Thank you TL Den and my teammates for making me feel special on my last day at work. I’ll surely miss you guys.

Thank you for calling. This is MICH your banker. Have a great day ahead.♥


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