Childhood Flashback

I was on my way to the office riding a public transport vehicle when the driver played a 90’s hit music. It felt so refreshing listening to my childhood music genres. When I passed by the food stalls near where our office is located, I heard 90’s love songs too. It’s not Thursday yet to do throwback, but I guess this day wants me to reminisce my childhood memories.

There is a huge difference if we will compare the 90’s generation to the new generation of today, where computers and highly powered gadgets are available in the market. I would still consider my childhood experience happy and memorable, though I haven’t experienced the luxuries of those expensive technologies.

What are the things that I missed from yesterday’s generation? These are my lists:

  1. I miss those days when I could play in the streets with my neighbors playing different games until sunset. We used to play hide and seek, catch me if you can running games, pretend plays, etc. I think I had tried almost all of the Filipino games back then. My Mama would call out our names at around 6 pm for us to go home for dinner.
  2. I miss collecting pictures, posters, magazines and CDs or tapes (MP3 players were not yet available) of my favorite Boy bands A1, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC as well as the famous female singers like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I can even still memorize some of their songs with their dance moves. I love listening to those pop songs.
  3. I miss sending letters to my friends using a scented stationery papers with cartoon stickers on it. We didn’t have mobile phones yet when I was a kid. Snail Mail was the medium of communication with our relatives in the province.
  4. I miss taking a bath under the rain, running back and forth while getting drenched. We didn’t mind the cold wind blowing and touching our skin.
  5. I miss watching my childhood cartoon heroes, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and X-men. I also loved watching Filipino kids oriented TV shows like Sineskwela, Hiraya Manawari, Ang TV etc. I miss seeing those 90’s young celebrities who were on their teens still.
  6. I miss talking to my childhood friends who had relocated to another country. I used to tell them my crushes in school and would spend the whole day together talking about our campus crushes.
  7. I miss waking up on a Saturday morning excitedly thinking about what games to play for the day. No bills or workloads to worry yet. Play all day was the only thing  I knew.

Those were the days.”  I want my child to also enjoy his stage of being a kid. I want him to collect precious memories he can look back once he will reach my age.



  1. I liked reading it. I recently did a guest blogger on difference in parenting style of 90s and now. It’s really fascinating

    1. Thank you for dropping by@love,lifeandthelittleone. The 90s makes me remember the little me. I’m interested to read your entry about it. ❤

      1. Hop on to, whenever you get time then ?

  2. I love this post! It is so incredibly relatable. I miss so many of these things too!

    1. It feels like it was just yesterday when were enjoying our childhood right? Have a lovely week ahead milesandellie. ???

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