First Place Solo Piano Competition 2024

Perfect bed weather to those staying at home on a Monday morning like me.(LOL) Always flexing my rest days at the start of the week while most of the working class are starting their busy week, am I not?🤣Hope everyone's fine doing each of our own task for today.😘 We did a Sunday reset yesterday as a family. I never thought my boy would be so delighted to help me clean the house with us. He amazingly enjoys asking for a task on what to clean in the house to join the cleaning sesh. I was left with few things... Read More

Mon’s Birthday and Everything Nice

It took me a while to write something new because I've been a so much of a worrier lately regarding some concerns about our owned properties at home that needs sorting out. It's a long overdue process that I should have dealt with before but I chose to procrastinate because I already contemplated the hassle both financially and most of all emotionally draining fighting to get what is ought to be MINE. I attended the Holy mass last Sunday to get more strength to overcome our family challenge at this moment, especially my Mama trying to display a brave face... Read More

9th Wedding Anniversary

June has been a kind month to us filled with all the joyful events to be grateful in life. Well, everyday should be a day I needed to remind myself to be thankful I am still breathing doing the things I love, isn't it? That's the spirit grateful Momma!❤️ Although I know that life ain't always sunshine and rainbows to be honest. Gloomy days are unfortunately part of the equation in this lifetime. I acknowledge my feelings when I'm down. However, I make it to the point to shoo those cloudy days and let thy sunshine warm my human body.... Read More

Bank Holiday May 2023

Right now while composing this blog, my favourite little human is with me giving me company for this quite afternoon. It is a school break again for them. How lucky these kids are to get as many break time from their regular hustle while us adult, life must go on everyday to survive. (LOL)🤣🤣🤣 I had at least a day off last week to splurge myself. Got no specific plans simply roaming around the town centre trying few nice pieces of clothes then snap to confirm if I'll like the fit.😁 This Momma deserved it. The best find I got... Read More

When Things Didn’t Happen As Expected

It’s frustrating when things don’t turn out the way we hoped and imagined it to happen. Mon was expecting something to happen on his professional career that could have helped him achieve the skills he needed for his career advancement but unfortunately it was cancelled. Well, that’s life. There are things that we can’t control no matter how hard we try to make it happen, but how we respond to the situation will always depend on us and that's what matters most. Is it easy to let go and let the universe control over it? Of course not, but life... Read More

Childhood Flashback

I was on my way to the office riding a public transport vehicle when the driver played a 90’s hit music. It felt so refreshing listening to my childhood music genres. When I passed by the food stalls near where our office is located, I heard 90’s love songs too. It’s not Thursday yet to do throwback, but I guess this day wants me to reminisce my childhood memories. There is a huge difference if we will compare the 90’s generation to the new generation of today, where computers and highly powered gadgets are available in the market. I would... Read More

Stop The Blame Game

I can now relate to the hassle that parents are experiencing in bringing their active toddlers inside the church. I felt pity for Mon who was the one looking after Akyn when we attended the mass yesterday. Akyn couldn’t sit still in one place. Five minutes were long enough to make him behave. His Dad had no choice but to give in to his demands to walk and brought him outside or else he would make a scene while the mass was on going [caption id="attachment_1129" align="alignnone" width="2592"] Daddy with Akyn attending Sunday's Mass[/caption] I was amazed with Mon, he... Read More

Rules For A Happy Marriage

One of our wedding gifts that I like most is this wooden wall frame with a meaningful message about keeping the married life strong. This was given to me by my college friend. Let me share you a picture of it. Wedding is a one day happy celebration of the formal union between lovers taking their vow in front of God, but after the ceremony it's when the real married life begins. Marriage isn't just about the honeymoon stage. It can't be compared to the fairytale stories in books we thought to be real when we were kids. Marriage needs to be fed by the couples... Read More

A Grateful Heart

“Guys system is down.” I am on a state of complete happiness whenever I could hear my manager blasting this news to us. This would mean I could rest my voice while my mind and my fingers are working typing this blog entry. I am thankful that once in a blue moon, this rare scenario happens at work giving me an ample time to relax a bit. This is one of the simplest things that deserves my gratitude. Exercising gratitude was not my thing when I was younger. When I received something from someone like a gift or a favor, I... Read More

My Priorities

I was once invited to join a business refresher that tackled about setting your goals in life by knowing your priorities. The entire course aimed to let the participants achieve self fulfillment by realizing their goals in their lives. We were asked to write down our priorities based on the importance on which of them matters first. My list included: FAMILY CAREER My family has always been my first priority. I was asked by my previous managers if I do have any plans of advancing myself into a higher position from my current role in the company. My answer always starts... Read More

Weekend Special

I just had an amazing weekend well spent with my family. My Papa and my Sister visited us at home. It’s seldom that all of us can be together due to our work schedules and the travel time that it will take from my parent’s house to our own house. It takes about 2 to 3 hours of travel and it’s difficult for us to travel with Akyn on board. A month ago when we were traveling by bus, Akyn had been screaming without pause crying hysterically throwing an extreme tantrums. He hates being  stuck in a place where there... Read More

First and Foremost

I am an avid blog reader of different genres of   blog entries. I like reading topics about DIY projects, discussions about marriage and parenting (I am a mother of a cute baby boy), budget travel and latest fashion trends. While reading one of my favorite blog entries, I was so carried over by my emotions while reading the story. Somehow, I felt connected emotionally to the writer. I then realized, why not start my own blog and touch peoples’ lives and share my own thoughts. So this is how it all begun. Let me share my love story as my first entry for my blog.♥ Me and... Read More