Chloe’s First Birthday

First birthdays are always considered as special by most parents. Of course, it only happens once in our babies’ life and as much as possible, we wanted it to be remembered as a joyous celebration. Regardless of the cost, we are more than willing to spend for the occasion. I could remember during Akyn’s 1st birthday  where I was  so overwhelmed with the preparation  because I  took charge of all the planning of the details including the theme, venue and all the suppliers.  Thankfully, my family also helped me with the implementation of the DIY stuff. Goodness gracious! It wasn’t an easy job to be an event organizer.

My friend, Daisy Jane we call here Dahdah, had invited us for her Baby Chloe’s first birthday. Yey! Another happy gathering to witness. It wasn’t only me who was that excited to attend. Guess who’s more thrilled to come and play during the party. Yes, you’re right! My toddler loves children’s parties. He’s grinning from ear to ear on this photo.☺

Taking photos before the even started

For this year, my toddler already had attended several parties  both from his Daddy’s and my own set of friends’ invitations. I’m quite thankful my Akyn is given with these opportunities to enjoy those types of parties. It’s a great venue for my toddler to learn how to mingle with kids, socialize with them and  to express himself during playgroups. He is the only baby at home with no other kids from our neighbors to play with. With these gatherings, he will then have the chance to be exposed to lots of kids. How amazing!

I’ll share to you some of the details of the event. Kudos to Mommy Dahdah for a beautiful Unicorn themed party. I so love the output of the preparation. It completely reflects  how this hot momma is very keen to details when it comes to the presentation of the event.

Venue: Allure Hotel and Suites

Unicorn Themed Welcome Arch☺
Closer look of the Pink  Unicorn
A-a-amazing set-up☺

The table centerpiece


The sweet corner and the loot bags for the kids.


Prizes for the kids



I like the idea where they hired Little Barangay to keep the adorable party goers preoccupied while waiting for the start of the program. You may click their FB account here. Boredom is not an issue on this event.





My toddler visited all the small booths inside the Little Barangays.



I was in awe seeing my child who voluntarily participated the party games though he didn’t understand fully the instructions of the games.


Captured a  beautiful family photo☺

The pretty birthday girl with her Mommy and Daddy
Darn she’s so charming. Hey, Chloe, can I borrow your pink Tutu dress? hahaha☺

Thank you Dahdah for allowing us to be part of Chloe’s first birthday celebration. We had so much fun♥




  1. Omg that venue looks amazing! Love the unicorns! We did a unicorn theme for our daughter’s first birthday too, but it wasn’t this extravagant!

    1. Thanks Diana for dropping by. Unicorn is really one of the favorite themes for a birthday party. 💕

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