Closing The Book For 2018

If someone will ask you on how you can describe your 2018, will you say it was such an amazing year for you or will it be the opposite of it? So many things happened for this year. It gave me an emotional roller coaster experience for the entire year. I had both the feelings of getting exhilarated with happiness and had also hit the bottom rock of life.

I’m still grateful for my 2018 for I’ve learned so many things that I can keep forever. I managed to get up when I stumbled and had scraped my knees. It made me stronger to surpassed those challenging moments. Misfortunes came to teach me how to humble myself and to never forget God is always there for me in every battle. It felt like I once again welcomed the child in me who was more than willing to surrender everything to the Lord without any pride, no stubbornness, just a pure helpless child asking for His divine intervention.

Several opportunities came for me to increase my social connections with people. I met few of those kind-hearted soul. They extended their help without expecting anything in return. Thank you is not even enough for me to tell them how much I appreciate their assistance. I’ll treasure them forever.

Though I gained new friends this year, I had to let go of some people out of my life. It wasn’t because I didn’t like them anymore but merely because I haven’t sensed the genuine feeling of them wanting me to be part of their life too. Life is too short to be sullen because of getting emotionally rejected. I wrote this phrase several times in my blog posts. If you feel you aren’t happy staying with the same circle of individuals, let go. I can guarantee you can meet a lot more friends or peers along the way. Never forget to be kind and they’ll come without you anticipating for their arrival.☺

This year also allowed me to savor the sweetness of success after all my hard work allotted. Prayers plus dedication to succeed paved the way for me to claim the rewards. When I knew I was an inch closer to my dreams, I couldn’t explain the happiness. It was like my emotions was about to explode. I wasn’t certain if I was about to cry or to laugh it out. All I knew was, I finally reached the moment I’ve been waiting for. This is it! Thank you Lord.

My 2018 wasn’t perfect. Not all the events for my year were happy ending stories just like the lives of the characters in fairytale movies. I had my fair share of being emotionally wrecked too but I had to convince myself that life goes on. I need to get up, move forward. My 2018 book is now closing. I want to say thank you 2018 for making me tough, at the same time, thank you also for enabling me to enjoy the taste of honey coated happiness of success.

I’m welcoming my 2019 with open arms. Hey 2019, I’m excited to write another chapter of what life has to offer.






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