Having my me time for a couple of hours while my Akyn is in school is absolutely relaxing. It allows me to do my hobby just like blogging without feeling guilty of not looking after my boy because of getting too preocuppied of thinking what to write. Mon is also at work in York which would mean I have my alone moment.”Go pretty Momma enjoy doing your morning skin care without rushing for my Mommy duties!”

What’s the latest update for Akynfullhouse? I’ve been so productive for the previous days. Apart from working straight nights, duh the usual work routine, I’ve finally finished my coffee corner in our house, as well as the ceiling lamps were changed. I can’t start my day without a hot cup of my aromatic coffee enough to wake me up. I’ll let you take a peek of the finish output.

Tadaan. I put it beside my hutch.

I got the white console table from Ebay. Mon has to assemble it when it got delivered. The Farmhouse painted sign was done by yours truly while its frame and the little wooden drawer were both thrifted.

The star of the show is my Tassimo Suny coffee machine was delivered from Amazon. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Mon got too excited to use it right away that we had bought the Tassimo pods from BM on that same day.

I’m still trying to figure out how I can organize my Tassimo pods whether I’ll keep it inside the drawer or should I buy a proper pod holder to display it.

My two hanging shelves came from Wilko. It was the perfect fit for this little corner. I painted the frame sign using a stencil. Most of my decorations here were from my thrift shopping adventure. My favorite one is the cute wooden Deer. I can now really feel my Farmhouse theme I’m trying to pull of with my house interior. Dream come true!.

My last two deliveries for my retro ceiling light shade also arrived last weekends. We did change our ceiling lamps for the entire house. Our kitchen, living room and the three bedrooms have the same look of industrial vintage black ceiling light holder then I chose white for the two toilets. I have this obsession with uniformity that’s why we ended up getting all lamps in one design. I also want everything organized, neatly done and most importantly I hate clutter.

My personal handyman. All around Engineer in the house.

Look how plain our original toilet light was.

And the after photos. Our bathroom upstairs.

Our little toilet downstairs.

We are now ready for another project to do. This is the beauty of having your place because you got the freedom on what to change or what not in your home sweet home.

Good morning from us.