Combating Stress

Have you heard an old joke about Santa Claus asking a staff nurse specific Christmas wish? The nurse requested for a dragon and then Santa told her off to be realistic. So she asked instead for a fully staffed ward everytime she goes to work. Was her wish granted do you think? Santa eventually asked what color she would like for her dragon! This joke never grows old for me.

I wonder when will it ever have enough people to share the workload in the hospital. If you’re reading this, come on guys apply for a nursing job now. It’s a noble profession plus you’ll get the chance to touch someone’s life. 😘I’m trying to convince more nursing aspirants to apply to get us more staff at work. LOL

When I get to work knowing it will be a very stressful day again, I don’t normally moan and just get on with it. Because If I moan, I might share my burning irritation inside of me on why my load is so heavy and so forth. I can deal with stress, heavy workloads, bring it on.(LOL) 🤣What I can’t deal with is a nasty behavior towards me. No matter how nice the workload is, if I am not being treated right, you’ll never see me working there the next few days because I will definitely leave. I’ve kept this mantra since I started being part of the working class. It works. It makes me happy everytime.

I don’t choose the kind of work, I choose the kind of humans I’ll be with. So far I’m quite happy with where I am now though I miss few people in my past assigned area.

Anyway, I’m glad I’m on rest shift today. Having a break from my demanding job and spending time to regain my energy. 😂I’ve finished reading another CoHo’s book entitled Slammed. I can’t count how many times this book made me giggle like nuts then weeped on the next chapter. I’m excited to continue reading Will and Lake’s love story on the next book sequel Point of Retreat and the third one entitled This Girl.

My Akyn is my ultimate source of happy smiles at home. He’s always eager to show me his newly learned pieces after his piano lesson. Spidey wants a photo before playing a music.

Had a family dinner to our fave Chinese restuarant, The Oriental Palace. Captured the best shot of these two doing silly poses.

Tried their Egg Fried Rice. I can’t miss a meal without rice, ey!

Pork roast that tastes like our lechon back home.

Mixed meat and seafood chinese noodle. I want to call it pancit. Akyn’s fave.

And Mon’s chicken noodle soup.

Went home with a happy tummy and a cheerful heart. Hello to my cutie Spidey.

Morning pretty Mommas.

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