Deja Vu

Have you experienced what they call as Deja vu which means you have already lived through the present situation or an already seen event?👻 While sorting out my things in my room to arrange it when I moved in, I took a photo of my bed.

I felt then like I’ve seen this in the past I just couldnt figure out where? Later during the night, finally I got to remember it. It was one of my childhood dreams. Used to live in my grandparents ancestral house and you know how an old Filipino-Spanish house would look like with brick and stone on the ground floor, a vertical wooden structure on the upper level and sliding windows using capiz shells. This could be one of the reasons why I love vintage because of where I grew up. I had a recurrent dream of a secret bedroom in that house which nobody knows with exactly the same features of my bed now. A secret hideout of my own. I told my mama before about it and she said it must be one of my subconscious wanting to get a bedroom designed like what my dreams were showing me.

In the fullfillness of time, I came to realize what my dreams’ vision was all about. It was like a message about my future. I believe I’m destined to be staying in this bedroom working in this country as I connect my past thoughts to my present. Amazing how life is slowly unfolding the answers to those questions we’ve never thought as something sensible. Thank you Lord. Bet you also got some weird repetitive dreams before that you couldn’t explain why you regularly got such vision. Who knows one of these days you’ll also discover its hidden meaning. Life is surprising as always.😊

Apart from sharing you my weird discovery, I have another new baby I’ve bought from Amazon. Tadaan. The delivery came in earlier than expected. Happy customer here.

Would you like to guess what is this for? It’s a shopping wheeled trolley.

Carrying heavy load during grocery shopping may eventually hurt my back in the future. So, better take the necessary precautions while we are young. Those liters of milk and boxes of powdered soap is too much for my little body to carry, no.

She’s so pretty and sophisticated, isn’t she?

I am excited to go shopping using this.Have a happy morning, too.

Mich 😘

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