Dining Table Shopping

We’ve decided to change our six seater dining table at home into a four seater instead. Deca homes model houses aren’t that spacious for most of the units. To save space and to make our home look bigger we had to adjust some of our furniture, too. Just so timely, my sister is still looking for a dining table for her house in Naga. So, we gave her our old dining set. It needed some minor repairs but definitely still looks presentable. I’m happy it didn’t go to waste.☺

Getting the design we wanted wasn’t as easy like buying it in one store and it’s done. We had to check at least three furniture store before we finally made up our mind to buy. We went to SM City Cebu as our first stop. Though there were several options to choose from in SM but we were still not fully convinced to have them as our new dining set. As they said, “Your heart knows when you’ve finally found the right one! ”Lol

Here are few of the displays in SM with very nice table presentation. The cheapest we’ve seen was for P8000 plus and the most expensive one was for about P30,000.☺

We almost decided to get this. However, I’m a bit uncomfortable having a dining chair with no backrest. I told Mon if we couldn’t find anything that was prettier than this, then will settle for it. Its legs are made of metal and sturdy to withstand my toddler’s playfulness. It cost around P8000 plus mommas in case you’re interested to have this.


Wow! What a beautiful table arrangement they got here for the Holiday season.☺ I badly want to copy this style.


After SM, we went to Sun Gold Home Office Furnishings And Upholstery just right across SM hoping to see more options. They do have cheaper offers but most of them were for six seater tables. Should I give up or should I start again my journey the following day? I chose to finish what I started.

When I do an important shopping and if it feels like I really can’t find what I wanted to, I simply say a little prayer. Yes, it does work! I proved it effective several times. That being said, we went to our third dining table shopping store in Metro Gaisano Colon where we found what we were looking for. No idea they were on a three day sale. Thank you Lord for bringing our tired feet here.

Can you see that? My heart skipped a beat seeing how many choices we had. Most of them were on a discounted price.♥


This was our first choice but we didn’t continue to check it out because of a damaged part of its leg. The salesman said they can fix it but I still wanted to have something with no flaws for my table. Who wouldn’t want one?


Pricey but of good wood quality.


At last, we found our new dining table. Here it is. Meet our new dining buddy with cushioned seats.


Aside from the table, we added this to store Akyn’s grocery. The last piece available for this design. This is so perfect for our storage needs.


As excited as we were, we finished arranging everything and doing general cleaning at home in less than five hours. I am obsessed to see my house is in order! Can you imagine how crazy I was?

Good morning earth.☺


  1. That is a beautiful table. Love the color and design. Simple yet elegant. We have a six seater dining table which most of the time we convert to 4 seater by moving two seat away from the table . Great post.

    1. Thanks Anna… We also did that to our six seater dining table before and now, we finally decided to maximize our little space at home.☺ Have a nice week ahead.

  2. We have been talking about this last time friend and finally you were able to bought one. Congrats friend! I hope to see you guys eating with your fam in your new dining table. It’s going to be a Home Sweet Home Indeed! ♥️

    1. Thanks friend.. Miss You nah sa office.. Hope you’re fine.☺

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