DIY Photo Printing Collections

I am a collector of hardcopies of photos since I was in college. It’s one of my hobbies which I find enjoyable and worth my time. My friends even called my collections as a trademark of Mich. Whenever we take photos, I always find time after our class to visit a nearby printing store to have them printed. That was how obsessed I was in making sure all important memories were captured.

I got this interest of collecting pictures from my Mama. Every occasion or event my sister and I had when we were still studying, my mother has a copy of those wonderful moments kept on her photo album. I now realized the benefits of keeping photos for I have something to look back in reminiscing the past.

Last weekend, I made my own DIY photo printing at home. My sister gave me her extra photo paper left unused. Having a ready to use materials for my DIY projects is one of the perks of having a teacher /sister at home who loves to collect stationaries and school supplies.


A printer with newly refilled ink to print the output. I had this printer for almost 4 years now and it’s still working fine.


Here are the sample photos ready to be arranged in my photo album.


The output for my DIY Photo Album making. I chose the color blue for my toddler’s album. I also added cut out teddy bears’ pictures to add beauty on it.




I’m going to keep all these happy pictures of my family so when I will grow old, this will be my past time looking back on those treasured memories of our beautiful past.






  1. Try also the printed Photobook where you can choose your themed lay out. for sure you’ll going to love it.

    1. Yah! that’s what I’m thinking for my unprinted photos. I’m totally excited to have one. Thank you for your suggestion.

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