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For the past two years and 10 months we have already accumulated at least two huge boxes of assorted toys for Akyn. How was it possible? Every trip to the mall my child never misses to request for one. The loving parents find it hard to say no to his sweet request. “Mommy toy please,” he said it with his cutest smile. Though there were few instances that I have to say no to his choice of toys but I haven’t experienced him throwing a fit in public for not getting what he wanted. Thank you Lord! I’m crossing my fingers praying that my baby would continue to be like that.

Buying plenty of toys doesn’t mean we are spoiling him in always giving in to his wants. It’s about us loving to see him happy after getting his toy. A genuine happiness parents can relate to. We do set limitations to our toddler if his demands seemed unreasonable.  He is  an only child, our unico hijo but that doesn’t give him the privilege  to have the freedom not to be disciplined. Disciplining him is another form of our love to our baby like most parents do. Do you agree with me beautiful mommas?

I came across with an article discussing the benefits of using educational toys for children. See, buying toys isn’t just because I like to hoard toys for my baby boy. It has lots of advantages too. Lol (actions justified)☺ You may click the link here for the whole article. Few of the benefits mentioned by the author include:

Makes learning fun

Encourage imagination in children

Build real-life skills

Encourage interaction

Support problem solving

Improves hand –eye coordination

I can totally relate to the benefits of how educational toys definitely make learning easy and fun-filled. I had bought one wooden puzzle set last month for Akyn. Amazed as how he could easily memorize the items on his puzzle while letting him complete the puzzle without me assisting him. So, I decided to buy more of it for a fun way of learning for my toddler.


Colorful Wooden Puzzle in Different  Shapes


Assorted Fruits and Numbers 1-20 Puzzle

I also bought him an alphabet set flash cards and blue Peppa bag as requested. I’m happy to discover last night my toddler can recognize most of the pictures presented on his flashcards. You can incorporate it during their play time in letting them identify the photos. It’s effective for my toddler! You may want to try.☺


These are few of the wooden toys I’m currently getting addicted to collect for my baby. Will try to check more of these educational toys for him.♥




  1. Great idea and glad it’s working out so well for you. I love the idea of educational toys but not sure when to introduce them as I don’t want to force my son into something he’s not interested in or not ready for yet!

    1. I felt hesitant too at first whether my toddler will love them or not..☺

  2. Akyn is so cute! I love educational toys for children.

    1. aawwww.. Thank you Autumn☺

  3. I love the idea of using educational toys but not sure if it’s a good time for my little boy or not? Never sure if they are too young to start or too disinterested but wooden puzzles definitely sound like something that will be on the Christmas list!

  4. I like the idea of educational toys. I think it’s a great way to learn and have fun.

    1. Thank you Miss J.♥

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