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I was so focused finishing my work related task in my last week shift when somebody randomly asked me,“Are you like this at home Michelle?” “Always in a rush and wants everything done, organized the way you wanted?” Quite surprised with the question which made me think as well if the way I behaved at work is exactly the same at home. Then I replied,“No because I am at home and I am more relaxed because it’s my home!”I thought the conversation was done after my response but another follow up question was,“Are you married?” I gave a short response,“Yes!” What really caught me off guard was when she said,“I really feel sorry for your husband because he might be always doing his best not to upset you by following your ways at home to keep everything in order! I am not offended with the comment though. I took it as an eye opener if my ways are a bit too much to those around me in dealing with my obsession to meet my own made timeline for everything.

Went home after my shift and had to asked Mon to honestly evaluate if I am a bit too bossy to request him to do stuff and gladly he said I am not. Well, based in my own assessment I don’t pressure people around me to finish a job I wanted to get done. I do it on my own if I can. Just like at home, I have my timeline when I’ll do my laundry, when to start my general cleaning or when I need to sit and finish my Netflix episode, etc. I’m definitely not a moving nagging robot. Rather, I would say I have developed my discipline to stick to my own timeline regardless if someone is there willing and able to give me a hand. I don’t think there’s anything wrong of being too organized as long as we don’t expect others to be like the way we are. Let’s mind our own business, shall we?

Here’s my supportive husband telling me to continue what I love doing and ignore the rest who got nothing to help me grow as a person.

Anyway, let me share to you a more interesting home project I did. This photo was taken from our entry way which is now my current finished output for the month. Yay! If people have what they call as first personality impression, our houses should have the same as well. Our entry way will give our visitors a hint on how inviting the whole house is. Don’t you think so?

Our original plain looking entry spot before. I bought the hanging faux plant from B&M while the printed black and white hands came from Shein online.

I measured the space to get the perfect shoe cabinet to fill the empty area. Tandaan, I found this treasure from Ebay (link) just as what I envisioned to get. Moved few of my decors from my kitchen to my entry way. Added my painted market sign with a chicken to complete my Farmhouse welcoming spot.

All of my decors here are thrifted except for the animal farm coasters which came from Boyes.

Also, I got another addition to my throw pillow in my sofa. The oversized pillow is an old one given by a friend but the cover is not the color I wanted. Did manage to DIY a pillow cover and bought a piece of cloth from Boyes. I had to manually do the sewing project because I don’t have any sewing machine yet. I still love the simplicity.

Finally, I found a way to organize my Tassimo pods. I originally placed them at the bottom shelves while deciding if I should buy a Tassimo holder but then I bought a divider for my drawer so I can separate each flavor. Much more convenient for me.

Got it from Ebay. Kept hidden, easy access to choose what hot drink I’ll have for the day.

Those are my recent finds. I’m thinking to go out today and do some thrift shopping but with this bed weather, NEVERMIND. I’ll choose to stay warm and cozy in my house.

Cold morning!


  1. Some people are just organized and prefer to do things a certain way, there is nothing wrong with that! Doesn’t mean your bossy or anything. Maybe they are a person who prefers to do things fast paced so to them you seem pushy even though you are not?

    1. ❤️❤️❤️Thanks Dear.

  2. I have learnt to stop listening to people and do me. It’s all about getting the job done and dusted. People opinion doesn’t matter. Some people like certain things done in a certain way, some people don’t. You have to know your place and move on.

    1. Exactly. I’m definitely moving on. Hehehe

  3. In my home, I shift between doing things in a rush and then moving to the take-it-easy-and–do-it-later phase.. and they both work at different times!! But yes, I say “be you” always as that is how we can all be happiest..

    By the way, love how you transformed that entry way !! super inspiring

    1. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. That entryway looks lovely and cozy. I do agree, sometimes I get frantic with work-related tasks (I do work from home) but I set aside downtime for me and my family.

    1. Thank you. Glad you like my entry-way transformation. ❤️

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