Epic Fail Ladies Gathering

According to a known myth, if a friendship would last for more than 7 years, there’s a great chance that it will last for a lifetime. Others may oppose to the said belief as some relationships aren’t that lucky to survive with what they call as forever. Are you part of those who believe there is no such thing as FOREVER?

I honestly regard there’s a slight truth on this popular saying. Seven years is quite long for friendship to endure several challenges which shall test its fortitude on how strong the people will manage to make it last. I consider myself lucky for experiencing a long-lasting friendship since my college years.

Carel and Flor are both my closest friends when were still studying. I owe a lot from these two. They were part of my love story with my husband and served as the bridge of me meeting my spouse. After how many years of knowing both all our weaknesses and strengths, here we are, happy to call each one of us as best of friends.

We had set this date to meet and have lunch together. I was so excited to finally meet them after how many months or years had passed. The venue was agreed to be in the Galleria, Cebu. It wasn’t that far from where I normally ride to head home. So, without any question, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The day finally came and that’s today, the 17th of December 2017. Yey! My toddler and I came as the most punctual among the group. We waited patiently while taking selfies in between.



An hour passed, at last these beautiful ladies texted me they were on the venue. It was a bit odd because I couldn’t spot even a trace of their shadows. I received another text from Carel asking as to which floor we were staying inside the building. What floor was she asking about? The Gallery wasn’t a maze to spot us right there on the entrance. Flor also called me asking for our whereabouts. What’s wrong with these two?

Then, I came back to my senses and hurriedly scrolled back our chat messages. I found out I was mistaken with the venue. It was clearly agreed to meet up in the GALLERIA ROBINSONS and not in THE GALLERY in MABOLO. It was totally an epic fail for being so empty-headed not reading the messages carefully. My toddler and I wasted an hour sitting and getting burned under the heat of the sun. Lesson learned: READ THE MESSAGES CAREFULLY.

This is me and my toddler riding a cab going to the RIGHT place.



Tres Marias as what they called us before in college, finally met after all those miscommunication that happened today.

Carel in Black, Flor wearing a gray sweater with her boyfriend, Chris

We talked as if we were still in college with the same laughter with no pretensions. Nothing has really changed even if our friendships sometimes becomes dormant with no communication every now and then. I still feel the same happiness when I am with them especially now that we got 2 cute babies added to our circle of friends. Meet Zaya ( Carel’s daughter) and my Akyn.



We had some late lunch and sharing of gifts for our kids. I would gladly recommend Byron’s Back Ribs Grille for as low as Php 155.00 you can have this mouth-watering dish.


Akyn’s gifts♥♥♥


Thank you dear friends for your time and sharing the happiness this Christmas season. All I am praying is for you both to have a joyful Holidays and a bountiful New Year. I love you both.♥






  1. hahahaha. Reading without comprehension epic fail. Glad you both had fun. Hoping to join with your gatherings next time

    1. You should allocate a free date with us next time hahaha. You missed the fun.

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