First Tooth Extraction

As scheduled by Akyn’s dentist, we went for his tooth extraction appointment yesterday. During our first check up I was advised to set Akyn’s mind regarding the coming dental appointment to at least calm down my toddler’s feelings and lessen his fears. That’s going to be a challenging task for me then. My boy is so playful which would mean every conversation we have doesn’t necessary follows his full attention is with me talking to him. Most of the time, he is only enjoying having a mommy-baby playtime moment without paying attention to the details of the discussion in between . I still tried of course to make himself ready for the said date.

“What are you going to do on Friday when you’ll meet the dentist?” My first question trying to gauge his understandings on what’s going to happen on the next meeting.

“Open baby mouth aaahhh and look to mirror,” his immediate response to my question.

Told him to behave and to always follow the instructions of the dentist so his teeth can be cleaned. I guess he got my message well with the way he responded to my statements.

Mon and I believed the mobile game application for Doctor Dentist had greatly helped our child grasped the idea on the importance of having a dental check up. His mobile game looked like this in case you wanted to download it for your child too.


My son’s first dental extraction experience finally happened yesterday. Before he sat on the dental chair, I felt I was more anxious than my three year old toddler. Mommas I know you can relate to it. Several scenarios were running through my head at that time. What if Akyn will resist in continuing with the procedure? How will the extraction continue? Do we need to help in restraining our child? So many questions. But you know what, Mon and I were both amazed on how smooth flowing the procedure went. What happened was the exact opposite of what we  were expecting.

Dr. Shamane M. Cabahug  and Ma’am Tata

Kudos to Dr. Shamane M. Cabahug and her assistant Ma’am Tata for doing an excellent job. Akyn never cried or resisted for the entire duration. I liked the idea when they covered my toddler’s eyes with a disposable mask so he couldn’t witness those scary dental equipment used. He neither noticed the needle used to apply the local anesthesia nor the big forceps. She instructed my boy to lie down and she’ll count from one to fifty while letting his tooth sleep as her excuse. As obedient as I expected him to be, he patiently waited until the countdown was over while Dr. Shamane was doing her quick steps to apply some medications to numb the gums. Ma’am Tata, the assistant, was very friendly too requesting Akyn to open his mouth so she can suction the saliva accumulating inside his oral cavity. It only took less than an hour to finish it. Amazing!

I kept the first extracted tooth of Akyn. It’s kind of special for us moms to cherish those “First Time” experiences of our adorable little ones.


Please click here to schedule for a dental appointment with them online. Their clinic is located at Room 2, Cebu Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Bldg., J. Llorente St., Brgy. Capitol Site, Cebu City, Cebu Province, 6000, PH


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