I seldom shop for myself not unless I have something to use it for. When we are invited to a special occasion where I needed to dress up, that’s when I am forced to shop for a new outfit. I also don’t buy anything new if my old stuff are still working fine, just like my pair of shoes for my everyday usage at work. I’m not fond of changing shoes for my daily routine. Maybe I’m the lazy type of woman in terms of fashion who doesn’t care of what’s the hottest trend for as long as I am perfectly comfortable, then I am all right with how I look.

Because of the heavy rains in Cebu lately, my footwear for almost a year had to finally give up. I tried fixing it with some glues to stick its soles together but it didn’t help it from preventing water from wetting my socks during heavy rains. This time, it’s a necessity for me to find a new pair.

There are certain aspects I do consider before buying for a footwear. First is the comfort. I am into walking long distances every day. It’s a way for me to lose some hidden fats in there and at the same time saving money. So, instead of spending a fortune for hailing a cab, my active feet save me. With that, I can’t survive walking if my shoes aren’t comfortable to accompany my everyday travel. I had some unpleasant experiences of choosing the wrong type of footwear ranging from blisters forming, foot arch issues, and even gait issues. By no means, I hate having to undergo those painful discomfort again.

Second is the price. For Mommies who are doing the budget at home, it’s going to hurt our expected expenses if a large sudden spending will be taken from our daily outlays. Also, my salary isn’t enough yet to accommodate those glamorous type of living. As they say, let us live within our means to avoid unnecessary stress due to piling of debts.☺

Third is the style. I choose my own style depending on what I think best fits for my tastes regardless if it’s the coolest design in the market or not. Never on earth will I force myself to wear something I am uncomfortable just for the sake of being part of the newest in style trend.

Quite picky when looking for a pair of shoes, what do you think?

After we attended my friend’s daughter 1st birthday, we came to pass by one of the malls in Mandaue. So happy to discover J Centre Mall has shoe stores offering quality products like  the boutique for World Balance. You can click more of its samples here.

Another happy story about our trip yesterday was because it was Mon’s treat for me. Yey! Thanks for my beautiful gift. I’m excited to start wearing them.☺


Here is the guide description for you in case you want to have these babies too.


Not that expensive right? Definitely budget friendly.


If you knew any brands offering quality products at a reasonable price, please feel free to drop  your suggestions.



  1. Seem pretty design for a pair of shoes. It’s nice to wear flats in walking around the city coz it is very comfortable and you can also avoid straining your leg muscles.

    1. Oh Wow! Thanks for visiting my blog. Exactly that’s why I prefer flats in walking. Heeled shoes are only for my formal events.

  2. Those are cute shoes. I’m not familiar with that brand and will have to keep an eye out for it. They do look comfy!

    1. Yes they are very comfortable to wear. Glad you like them.☺

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