Getting Sporty Activated

Getting back to my norm of writing a blog once a week is something I’m excited to do. Who wouldn’t be glad living the beauty of serenity. A blessing to be thankful in our adulting life 101. I’m on a cloud nine while composing my post as of the moment after Mon had received a very pleasant news from his Manager. Hello 2022, you definitely started our year brighter. Please continue to be an inspiring year for us. 😘

On the other note, have you completed the list of your New Year’s resolution already pretty Mommas? I haven’t done mine to be honest. Maybe I’m too lazy to create one and would like to prefer to be more spontaneous for this year. I just don’t like to disappoint myself in case I won’t be able to accomplish it. I better hang on then to my talent of spontaneity. It works differently from everyone though. If you prefer to start the year with a series of things to change, that’s still perfect. There’s no definite rule for starting the year. Follow the way that makes you happy. Agree?

So, what’s our first activity for this month given the fact that we don’t have any strict schedule imposed to follow? We are so much thankful to Kuya Marcelo for inviting us to join the Sunday fun game of our little Filippino community. It’s not an official sportfest event, but rather it’s more like people gather together to play and be fit during their rest days. Kuya Marcelo and Ate Susan are always our guiding angels introducing us more on what to enjoy in this country. I’m happy to have met them. Getting to know people who have a genuine heart to help is a true blessing, so don’t waste the opportunity to treasure them.

My boys are both into getting active with sports. Very opposite to me with no passion to active play. I am more of playing board games like Scrabble, Chess and Checkers are my three favorites. We knew about the Sunday game a week ago and they were both eager to go. They’ve even asked me to order online for their sports outfit! Yes, they want to wear a matching short. Duh!

Our package arrived in time. One happy gwapito smiling in this photo.

My little athletic gwapito wanting to get a selfie with Mommie.

Akyn played with his Kuya AJ nonstop. They played badminton with their own made up rules. Their shuttlecock even got stuck on the wall net. Good thing one of the staff gave us a replacement before we headed home. Both also loved kicking their football messing up with the grown ups volleyball games. We went home both sweaty with a flushed face but totally happy of spending time together.

Mon and Akyn are both looking forward to play this Sunday again after we attend the Holy Mass in St Charles. Mon’s muscles are a bit sore today after an extreme game he did yesterday. It’s been a while since he had the time to get active again. He has always been a lover of sports since we were in Cebu. I’m proud to say he did manage to finish a full marathon of 42km. I kept all his finisher medals as a remembrance of his motivation to get fit. I’ll be going with them this Sunday after my night shift to support their new hobby in the UK.


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