Haircut Disaster

When you’d try to Do-it-your-own your toddler’s haircut and you’re not an expert in doing so, expect a terrible result. My sister attempted to fix Akyn’s hair but an epic fail outcome happened. Prior to the disaster haircut, my toddler kept on complaining about his bangs irritating his eyes which triggered my sister to relieve the discomfort by applying her amazing skills in trimming his hair.(eyes rolled)?

The result of the DIY toddler hairstyle. He looked liked a cute cartoon character on this photo. It was difficult to keep an active boy to stay in one position while his bangs was fixed, and so, look at how it ended up.?

This event must be a sign for me to have a new hairstyle for him. A barber’s cut can give him a new refreshing cutie boy look, I suppose. We scheduled our rest day for 2 appointments last week. First, was for my dental consultation and second, was for his haircut.

I had some nightmare experience with the first Dental clinic we booked 2 weeks ago. This time around, I went back to the Dental establishment where my Mama had her dental extraction and oral prophylaxis done. They did provide a quality service with very accommodating Doctors but the location was quite far from our place which made me looked for another option. I should have chosen the same Dentist instead of looking for another Doctor. Please click here for the details of Cabahug Dental Office. I’ll surely visit there again whenever I’ll have problems with my teeth.

After my dental appointment, we then filled our hungry tummies before having his hair fixed with Korean dishes in SM Food court.

Korean Dumplings
Korean Stir Fried Rice Cake
Our favorite Bibimbap

Both me and my husband were already expecting Akyn would again display his resistance in having a change of hair style. We went to the same barber shop in SM Bruno’s Barbers where he had his first haircut. What I like about them is their child friendly way of providing services to their little hunk customers. They do have this toy car for kids to ride, unfortunately Akyn was too scared to try it. I had to carry him during the entire session. My toddler amazed us when he showed exactly the opposite reaction of what we were anticipating. He was smiling the whole time looking into his reflection.

” Is this really me?” “Why do I look entirely different?” ?

We were guessing these thoughts were playing in our Akyn’s mind. Anyway, we’re glad on how he dealt with it. Because he was such a good boy, we rewarded him with an hour of play in one of the play pen nearby. Please say hello to his new hair style.




Our fun filled rest day with all our appointments done. YEY! Cheer’s to a happy week ahead guys.



  1. You’re still adorable our Little Akyn whatever hairstyle will definitely suit you.

    1. Hello Tita Ann. Thanks for dropping. Hugs and Kisses <)

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