Hull Fair

Akyn went to school using his bike instead of his scooter as suggested by me thinking he hasn’t used his little bike for quite sometime now. I haven’t realized though that I will be going home carrying the heavy metal bike alone after sending him to school. Tried to push it using my hands but because it is so small it hurts my back when I am leaning down. I did rather carry it back home and promised not to offer it again in going to school. We’ll stick in using his scooter from now on. Duh!

A little sleepy today after we went to Hull Fair last night and ended up sleeping late. It was my boys first time going to Hull fair. Last year’s event got cancelled due to Covid. Thankfully, this time everything seems going back to the original normal that we had. What excites me in going to the fair are the street food. Just like this Chinese noodle.

Most of the stores are accepting cards however they prefer cash so we did withdraw from the nearest cash machine before heading to the fair. Akyn and I were on the opposite street while Mon was in queue to get money. I’ve noticed one guy who was standing beside Mon and when you look at them it was like they were a companion or something but they weren’t. I already felt suspiscious with the way the stranger behaved. I mean if you are in queue, aren’t you suppose to get either in front or at the back of the person you are next to? I’ve been observing him for few minutes until it was Mon’s turn to go to the machine. What made me rush to the opposite street where Mon was because the guy was literally like at the back of Mon trying to oversee what my husband was doing. I looked at the guy like telling him to back of and surely he did. I asked Mon if he noticed that man next to him. Apparently, my husband already felt uncomfortable with the guy standing too close to him, offered him to go first in queue but he kept on refusing. Right then, my instinct hasn’t failed me again to shoo away some bad spirits.(LOL)A perfect reminder for us to always be vigilant with our surrounding especially at night.

After all that hoo-ha we continued to enjoy the night. My Akyn bought his Halloween mask ready for the end of October!

He calls his mask as my Buddy!

Tried to ride some family friendly rides ONLY. Never will I ever try again to ride those terrifying like near death fair rides.

Our family photo while in ferris wheel. Freezing yet smiling.

My beautiful view taken while we were on top of the Ferris wheel. An absolutely gorgeous sight for the evening.

Here’s my boy trying every ride.

One of the best night to spend together in a fun fair. More to add to our growing files of happy memories together.


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