Hull Fair 2023

Another overdue blog post that should have been completed on the first two weekss of October. I’m running behind with my blogs because of my working schedules plus the extra curricular activities as a mum made it difficult to find the peaceful state of the undisturbed moment to write on this blog. Hi five to all busy pretty mommas in the universe.

Anyway, let’s get started. Every first week of October, we have what we call as Hull Fair here and my Akyn is the number fan excited to visit the fair. I am excited for the street food ONLY but not to those deadly rides they got. I still value my precious life so no to the thrill of danger.(LOL)

The weather was good when we visited the fair and decided we would just walk instead of riding a car then getting a hard time finding a parking spot. It’s only aroun 15 to 20 minute walk from our house, not that far,ey!

Akyn’s first ride for the night was the funfair slide for three pounds. I would suggest to bring cash, too because some vendors didn’t have a card machine for payments but gladly most of them had one.

The second one is like an adventure house where he can climb, crawl or jump until he gets to the exit. I don’t know the name of it though. Akyn loves them. It isn’t thrilling like other rides but it’s defintely made for the little ones to enjoy.

Zoomed in photos of Akyntoot. As you can see on the second ride it was already starting to get dark.

He said to me, “Can I have rides, one toy or plushie and food for tonight, please!” Wish granted Akyntoot because the only reason we went to the park was to let him enjoy the fair with us as a family. Something worth remembering together.

The only rides I’m willing to try is the Ferris Wheel nothing else. (LOL)

Snake plushie is the new addition to his growing plushies in his room. Those stuff toys will only end up collecting dust because he seldom plays with them.

I have my mini haul for this trip. We bought a family photo, fridge magnet and keychain souvenir from the Ferris wheel ride. Then on our way home, I found pretty sparkly keyholders for me and a stitch for my sister who’s obsessed with Stitch, the Disney chartacter in Lilo and Stitch movie.

How pretty are they? I don’t know yet where I’m going to use them.

We bought the Chinese Noodle which I find a bit bland for my taste. I badly needed to add salt to this.

Akyn had his snow cone which is like a slushie with shaved ice.

and yes the toy request granted. We also walked in going home. It was a not so cold evening perfect for an evening walk. I love moments like this savouring simple sources of happiness in life.

On the other note, I am already starting to buy few addition to our Christmas decor for this year with my theme red and white, these gorgeous Christmas tree decorations fit to my chosen color motif. I got the red berry twig from the Range while the red gifts were from Home Bargains. Very cheap price, too.

This snow covered cottage house was from the Range and is absolutley precious. How cool is it to sit in our living room window?

I am so looking forward when I can start decorating for Christmas after the Halloween.

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