My straight six days of duty finally came to an end. How did I manage to survive getting knackered for that long? Dear me! If you love your job, an exhausting day can turn into something productive with lessons left for you to ponder. Bow!

Excited to spend my time off duties because I now got the freedom to update my blog in writing something I’ve been itching about to voice out. Is it really that interesting to share? For me yeah it is especially to those who love to write in bed using their laptop.

Please say hi to my new companion making blogging for me quite easy. I don’t need to get out of bed to type. Winter is coming you see. Staying in bed to do computer errands is pretty comfortable rather than doing it in the living room on a cold morning. (shiver)

Bought it from Amazon and again it’s FREE delivery. Missed my initial date of delivery. Thankfully, my angels came to the rescue, Kuya Tony and his wife offered to pick up my package. I owe you a bunch Ate and Kuya.

Photo Credits to Amazon

Photo Credits to Amazon




I’m on a cloud nine while using it. Woohoo! Thank you Lord. Shopping has always been an outlet to make me happy. You got to find ways to keep you going despite being alone. No need to depend on anybody to find your own happiness. As they said that the genuine source of joy should always come from within.

Few simple rules I follow to keep me away from toxic situations be it in relationships, friendships or whatever type of bond it may be.

Cut the crap off– If you think it’s giving you more pain than pleasure then why stay? Stay away from the unnecessary drama. Often received comments on how could I afford to be so determined to block people not just in social media but in my life. Simple! I choose to know my worth. If I feel getting disrespected, not valued or being betrayed. I silently walk away. No need for further discussions. Continue life and enjoy every bit of it.

Photo not mine

Divert your attention to something productive- Moving on takes time and effort to do it. For someone to get over with something, you got to find the courage to take baby steps in accepting the reality that something isn’t just meant. Find what is it that interest you rather than sulking everyday getting stuck on the sad reality. My husband said to me during one of our online conversation, “I’m confident that you can surpass your sadness of being away from me because you got so many outlets to divert your mood like SHOPPING, BLOGGING and EATING. Seriously, am I that food crazy woman to include eating on the list? LOL. Thank you for the trust Teddy.

Focus on who and what matters- My main purpose in coming to the UK is to continue my professional career and be with my family. I don’t intend to come here to please everyone I will be meeting along the way. Harsh to say but that’s the fact I keep on reminding myself. Know what was your main goal in your journey. Focus on it and the rest will be just noise.

Life is too short to dwell on the negativity. Live well and be happy.




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