I’m A Scaredy Cat

Both the 1st and the 2nd day of November are my favorite days to watch TV since childhood. Why? Merely because I love getting scared watching horror films. Most of the shows on TV even the news are all themed for the Halloween. As they said happy hormones are released every time we are frightened. So that’s my excuse rationale on why I still crave to watch scary films though it sometimes provide me a disturbing fear after watching.

Without any signs of fear or inhibition Mon courageously finished watching two movies. Amazing! I also survived completing the movie while covering my eyes with my hands and only allowing a little view to witness the horrifying scenes.

My husband was laughing while watching it which made me think again if whether we were watching a scary movie or a comedy. He finds some scenes too unreal and were obviously made just to scare the audience. Alright, whatever! The movies still scared me out of my wits giving me nightmares last night.

These were the films we’ve completed. I chose a not so creepy photo for you. If you like the feeling of getting scared, then try watching them.☺

Photo credits to: nofspodcast.com  The Witch in the Window (2018)


Photo credits to: imdb.com The Nun (2018)

What do you usually do to ease the tension when you’re too scared to witness a terrifying scene in the movie? Here are my tips for you. You may want to use it or perhaps some of you may have already been applying these tactics.☺

Cover your eyes like what I did while watching and peek for a little view to watch for you to the limit your exposure to it. If you are still scared include covering your ears too so you can’t hear the spine-chilling background sound. If by any means these won’t work, then just cover your mouth to shut you up from screaming at the top of your lungs.☺

Get something you can squeeze when the emotion is to high while watching like a huggable stuffed toy or a plain throw pillow will do. In my case, I used my husband’s toned arm as my squeeze pillow aww! (he may have gotten bruises after).

Use something to distract your attention like your mobile phone. You can browse the net when you wanted to avoid the sight of monsters attacking the protagonist of the story. Another thing to distract you is to bring something you love to eat like this Indian Mango paired with bagoong (fermented shrimp paste with spices). Gosh, I should bring this often when watching movies.


You may also want to eat your delicious dinner while watching. My Mama prepared this crab cooked in coconut milk. You can surely forget the title of what you are watching when you’ve tasted this.


Lastly, don’t dare watching it at night with lights off if you’re a scaredy cat like me. We started turning on the TV around five in the afternoon and ended it around eight. We left the lights open until we slept. When I woke up the following day, our lights were still switched on. NOBODY can turn off the lights except me. See, how crazy I was? Good luck to our electric bill.

Hope these strategies could help you. More unsettling films to watch. I am making myself ready for it.



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