I should have posted another blog post yesterday but I got exhausted in spending almost six hours finishing my do it your own beautifying my toiletries organizer.

Look how badly rust had almost taken over the original beauty of this silver stand. After a year and a half of usage it turned out like this but never had I thought about disposing it. I’m not that type who would normally let go of my purchased stuff not unless it’s totally impossible to restore them. I value where my money goes that means every item I buy has always a special place in my heart. So that being said, I spent half of my day sanding the rust out and manually painting it.😳

Allowed the paint to dry overnight and this is how it looks now. Isn’t it pretty? I’m leaning towards having some touches of black for my toilet, and hence I got to change it from silver to black. I super love it how it turned out to be, don’t you?😍

In connection to the above project of mine regarding valuing our personal things whatever price it is, just today a very delightful news came when my sister sent the confirmation of our new investment on the list finally realized.

My heart is just full of joy thanking God for giving us another blessing. Our hard earned money with Mon did not go in vain. As they said that it really doesn’t depend how much we earn as it entirely rely on our spending pattern as well. How we allocate our budget to things we view as important matters.

After graduating from College and started earning my own salary, I’ve already set my mind to focus on investing in having my own property. Why? Because buying a lot or a house is surely an investment.

I was in my early twenties when I got approved for a mortgage back home. Now this new blessing is my second on the list. How was it possible when I am not even laying on a bed with millions and diamonds? My secret was I saved as much as I could.

Here are some of my friendly tips dear pretty Mommas to save.

Budgeting– A portion of all incoming assets must have an amount assigned for the monthly savings as the priority while the rest of the needed expenditures follow and not vice versa. If it’s the other way around there’s a tendency that we often got nothing left for savings. I’ve done that having savings at the end of my list and it never helped me keep anything for rainy days.

Discipline– I would admit my weakness to shopping and it’s something I’m still working on. However, when my money is already transferred to my savings account, no matter how much I am dying to have that bag on sale, I’ll never touch the transfer button to get my savings money back just to gratify my wants. This is when discipline comes into the picture. It is also the reason why in my budgeting list SAVINGS is on top to help me refrain from spending too much for the month. (LOL) Hi to those who can relate to the love of SHOPPING.😁

Setting Goals– If I wanted to invest on something I set my mind into it. One goal at a time so we know what to focus. We can’t obviously get the whole world in one go. Baby steps until one project is completed before proceeding to the next big thing on your plans.

Guidance from God– When I want to venture on a serious investment, shall I say, I never forget to pray for it. I’m always a believer that if God agrees for something to be meant for you, He will grant your heart’s desire no matter what. I work with my hands and pray for the fruit of my labor to grow.

Hoping these simple tips of mine could also help you in getting your life projects come into reality. Remember, there is no such thing as unattainable if we start believing in ourselves capability of ACING our targets.

I’m still on cloud nine after getting this beautiful gift of mine for another achievement.

Have a nice day everyone.😍

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