Keada’s 3rd Birthday

Attending children’s party is now becoming a frequent activity for us. It’s either my husband’s friends or my own set of friends are inviting us to attend to their kid’s birthday parties. Does this means we’re getting old? Lol☺

No, we are just entering a new phase in our lives. From being a couple to finally be blessed as parents for our growing toddler which is getting more apparent with the series of social changes we’re experiencing. I’m happy to have gone thru all these wonderful stage of being a parent.

We’ve attended two birthday parties for this month. How awesome is that! The latest party was for my friend’s daughter third birthday. Edda Joyce was the one who helped me with my DIY standee for Akyn’s Christening without a FEE. Yes, she’s both talented and generous in sharing her talents to her friends. Lucky for me to have met her.

Her talent obviously shone during the party. Most of the decorations were all Do-it-your- own stuff. Less costly and more personalized. Beneficial to have such talent, isn’t it?

That’s one of the super powers most Moms can do for their kids. We can amazingly make creations for our dear ones without compromising our budget. Quite a challenging task but all worth it when we see the fruits of our labor.

Here are few of the photos of the celebration.

Dessert Table

While my friends are busy setting up the cupcake, Akyn was also busy eating one of these.


Chocolate Filled Glass Give away
Colorful Troll Themed Party Favors
Hi everyone my name is Akyn
DIY Troll table centerpiece
Hand Painted Troll Characters by one of her friends
Hand Painted Troll Characters by one of her friends
Hand Painted Troll Characters by one of her friends

The entertaining clown☺IMG20180616162625.jpg

It’s been a while since Akyn and Yancy (Akyn’s Godmother) have seen each other. Thank you shufa Ninang for the freebies during the party.

IMG20180616160446.jpg Every time Yancy wins a game, Akyn is the main recipient. Yey! Akyn’s party loot items from the generous hearts of my friends.


Shufa Yancy with the Birthday Girl♥


The Birthday celebrant, pretty Keada. Thank you baby girl for letting us celebrate your birthday. May God shower you and your loving parents with more blessings in life. ♥


My shy little boy♥ I’m wearing a DIY Troll Headband.

IMG20180616163517.jpg Cuddle moments with my baby boy♥







  1. What a colorful party you got in there. I love the creativeness of the people behind the party preparation. Nice idea for another party theme.

    1. Thank you for dropping by♥

  2. You got such a cute little buddies in there. Seems like everyone had fun.

    1. Thank you.=)

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