London Day 2

It took me ages to publish the second half of our trip because the workaholic me is back to my original work mode addict. Is there any tablet to cure this addiction to working, do you know? I honestly don’t either. This love for work will then continue until further notice.

After having a well rested night from our first London exploration madness we were both all set to start another exciting non stop walk with alternating photo-shoot taking. What’s the top on the list to accomplish?

Sherlock Holmes. Say what? You’ve read it right. Sherlock Holmes’ place in London. Are you familiar with this famous fictional British detective? To be honest, heard his familiar name but got no idea on who really this guy was. Thanks again to my very knowledgeable travel buddy for knowing all of these interesting facts about London. You’re absolutely amazing Jazzie.


This place is built in front of the busy street in the capital. Can you imagine the smiling faces of the locals driving their cars looking at these two excited tourists taking turns in posing while completely ignoring those eyes around us.


Thought I can stand without a coat. How I wish to walk around without getting fully dressed for cold seasons.


What’s next? This list never stops.

It’s the famous glass dome, the Sky Garden. Such a spectacular sight to experience. Jaw dropping view of the capital. Thank you Jazz for the effort in booking this in advance. A perfect birthday gift, really. We just can’t come in and decide to be part of the expected guests. A reservation for FREE (the magic word) is required before coming in.  If you’re planning to visit London I would suggest to book it months before your actual flight because each schedule gets full in an instant.

Windy and freezing outside the building making me struggle to smile for this shot. Not that obvious,ey?

Me against the greens

No photos was allowed as you enter the vicinity for security reasons and it took time for us to get in due to tight security checks. We started to get some decent pictures only in the tower garden. Look at those giant buildings behind me.



A bit chilly down here coz it’s open with glass as its only main barrier for safety purposes. Hello Tower bridge. Seeing you again.



Although it was a busy day with lots of onlookers like us, we did manage to get a table to have a coffee for a cold morning. A pricey bar but worth trying.


Since we’ve already spent a fortune in planning for this trip why not savor each place and taste the delectable food of what it can offer? We didn’t want to have regrets at the end of each trip. “I should have bought that one.” “I should have tasted that,too.” Statement like those are something we both didn’t want to say after our travel experience.

The Croissant was truly tasty. Not your ordinary kind of buttery bread.

Next is to visit the Queen. LOL. In your wildest dream Mich. Still felt thankful to finally see the Buckingham Palace where I could only see them in photos before but now it’s magnificently standing in front of me. Keep working in our dreams and the fruits will surely be granted as your heart desires.



When you’re trying to do jumpshot and ended like epic fail funny one. Whatever!


Seen Big Ben from the Garfield movie before and said to myself if the universe will allow me to visit the UK, this will be my first on the list. It may not be the destination where we visited first, however we still came to witness it. That’s all that matters. Another achievement unlocked. Big Ben was still under repair when we came. Sad! Hopefully next time I could finally see it without those metal bars blocking its view.


Day view of the London Eye.


The Autumn season opened a picturesque view for photo lovers like me. Yay! Some random street shots.

Bikes for rent




Spent the second half of the day for our shopping treat for ourselves. I’ll do it on my next post pretty Mums. I’m super thankful to this lovely lady for going with me to celebrate my special day. I may be alone without my family here but I’m happy to have few jewels of friendship like hers.




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