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I would say so much was going on today making it hard for me to absorb everything, really. First, I had to cancel my flight I’ve been excited to go since October of last year because of the 2019 Novel Corona virus. My lay over is in Hong Kong which would mean all flights either connecting or directly coming from Hong Kong passengers shall be placed under a quarantine in Cebu, my expected place of arrival. I can’t afford to be part of that group for fourteen days. Each day of my vacation means so much for an overseas worker. The airline company agreed to do a full refund for my airfare. However, a four to five weeks of waiting before they can send me back my money. Better than nothing, isn’t it? Re booked a new ticket costing almost doubled the price of my original one with Dubai as my new lay over flight. Left with no choice but to take it if I really wanted to be home.

Second, I felt a little bit stressed at work. I don’t write anything controversial about my place of work to my blog because I wanted to keep it within me. Anyhow, I’m opening a bit of information to you on what’s going on. Being an international nurse working in a foreign land is a tedious job because of so much pressure. Pressure to keep up with the nursing standards of the country we are working with. Pressure to learn their culture on what is acceptable and what is not. Pressure to maintain a safe practice to both our patients and to us in the work place and most especially the pressure to get along with our workmates. Tried my VERY best to be nice to everyone, still there will always be these people we can’t please at all no matter how nice we are to them. To be honest, I got some instances when I am tempted to get even by displaying the same rudeness as they were with me. Thankfully, I did manage to control myself. Counted 1-10, inhaled then exhaled. If it’s not enough proceed counting to 11-20 until you reach to the level of calmness.What will I get if I’ll lower down myself to their abruptness? Will I be at peace? No. Let the universe take care of your aches.

So much about the not so nice topic to deal with but thank you for listening to my sentiments. Just needed to release them through writing to lighten up my mood. Let’s talk about something exciting, happier to share about and that’s shopping. This post should have been posted since November regarding my London shopping. Sorry! It took me a while to post it due to my  work schedules. Here we go ladies, the post is up.

Our first shopping route was in Camden  Lock. My heart was beating so fast to start discovering each shop here. I definitely wanted to be back to this happy place.


Loads of my weakness were sold here, the stationery. I could stay watching each of them all day. Sent these photos to my husband and what he said was, “Those school supply items never failed to escape from your eyes!” He exactly knew how much I loved them.




A photo showing the stores in Camden. It’s like our Colon in Cebu with several stalls to choose from for souvenirs, clothes or what have you.


A store for the sweet tooth like mine.


Had our dinner in one of the Asian all you can eat restaurant costing us £8.80 each. Not bad,ey?



Next stop was the posh Harrods of London. If Camden is our Colon in Cebu. Harrods is like our Ayala. Branded clothes, high end bags, whatever you need if you’re into brands are here. Wow I couldn’t say anything but wow. Jaw dropping. I badly want to go back here.



The original Lacoste Tote bags were roughly for £175.00.


They got almost all of the brands you could think of. Could you believe that?


I am not choosy in receiving gifts. I can take any bag designs like these, promise. LOL


For our last day in London, we couldn’t miss dropping to the favorite fast food restaurant of most Filipino kids, Jollibee. I’m really going to eat loads of C1 and C2 order when I get home. Missed this red silly bee for a year, gosh.



My shopping haul.


Haven’t use this new baby of mine. Will do at some point.


Keep smiling. They said that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. For me, when life throws you lemons, make it as a sauce for your adobo. (lol) I’m excited to be on my vacation. See you PILIPINAS.



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