No We Don’t

Went to grocery shopping with Akyn and suddenly he questioned me on how much money I have left in my purse. I lied and said I only got one pound that I needed to budget until payday and asked him why he asked. "I wanted to buy a Kinder Egg but I don't want it now because I don't want to waste your money." "I will just wait for the next payday when you have enough money Mommie!" I bought him the chocolate before we left and told him I forgot that I still have some spare change to afford... Read More

London Shopping

I would say so much was going on today making it hard for me to absorb everything, really. First, I had to cancel my flight I've been excited to go since October of last year because of the 2019 Novel Corona virus. My lay over is in Hong Kong which would mean all flights either connecting or directly coming from Hong Kong passengers shall be placed under a quarantine in Cebu, my expected place of arrival. I can't afford to be part of that group for fourteen days. Each day of my vacation means so much for an overseas worker.... Read More

Keep Your Head Up

My feet was moving nonstop as the day progressed during my last shift. Not yet done with the first task and there came another Doctor's order for me to comply. It was a never ending completion of jobs to finish on that day. I didn't mind at all doing lots of orders. However, I felt terribly shattered. I'm always carrying a little candle within my heart firing with enthusiasm believing my day will be absolutely fine no matter how busy the ward is. Heavy workload isn't new to me anymore. My resilience to it is already proven unbeatable. What usually... Read More

Surviving Living In A Foreign Land

I always do have that perception in the past that if people will work abroad especially in western countries, life will get easier compared to how things are going back home. Many still got the same way of thinking like mine typically to those who haven't tried working miles away from their homeland. Am I correct or am I totally CORRECT? Choose your answer between the two. Lol. Well, we can't blame them as it is what they usually observe on how the life of an overseas worker improve after working for quite sometime earning a currency higher than a... Read More