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Last week was quite a busy week for Cebu because of the Sinulog Celebration. One of the local festival most Cebuano’s are excited to experience. For the very first time, we let Akyn witness Sinulog sa Kabataan and enjoy the colorful sight of vibrantly dressed street dancers offering their performance to Senior Santo Niño. He was mesmerized with the joyous event seeing children dancing on the street with every beat of the drum. It wasn’t that crowded compared to the actual Sinulog Day, so, we really had a nice spot to view them.


The performers came from the different participating schools in Cebu.


Smiling face while enjoying the scene.



That’s the first part of the meat of this post. The second part is about the product review for my new presents from Mon.

I’m picky when it comes to choosing the right kind of bag to use depending on what purpose I may need it. The quality of being durable is very important for me for I do carry several things everyday like my umbrella, bottled water, notebooks and all the girly stuff which are all part of my daily routine.


For my everyday travel from home in going to work, I prefer to use a backpack spacious enough to carry all my things. The weight of my bag is divided between the straps of it which is one of the reasons why I like backpacks. It’s also very convenient to move with your bag safely secured close to your body while traveling. I am not particular with the brand as long as it can withstand its usage day-to day.

My husband bought me a new Transgear backpack last weekends. Its cloth is made of canvas with padded adjustable shoulder straps. I like the gray shade with floral prints on it giving me a feeling of being a teen again. How I wish!


It’s a heavy duty bag with safely secured stitches good enought to sustain my travel needs. It has one little compartment in front for my makeup. We were lucky because it was on sale when we bought it. I’ve saved at least 20% from its original price. Yey!


Online shopping is also becoming a convenient choice for those who don’t have the luxury of time going to a physical store. I am an avid online shopper too but I do check the reviews first of the merchant before doing any business with them. Better safe than sorry!

My husband and I found Tindahan ni Bebang offering customized coin purse, long wallet, card holders and passport holders for a reasonable price. It’s cheaper if you’ll buy more than 1 item to avail for their discounted price.


We got a wallet and 2 card holders with 20 card slots. One free charm and your desired name with a minimum of 8 characters are included per item. I was quite impressed with the fast service and the owner is easy to negotiate. This is my cardholder with my favorite Teddy Bear charm and the name of our Baby Akyn. I used my wallet as my mobile phone case.



If you knew any online shops selling quality but affordable items, you can drop a comment below please. Happy Shopping everyone.☺



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