Moonlight Piece First Place Piano Competition

We are all still feeling very elated after Akyn’s performance last Saturday when he joined a piano competition in Cottingham. Mon and I are so proud of our baby’s effort to overcome his fear of performing in front of a huge crowd. Almost everyone has that fear even me as a grown up I would be petrified to be on the spot. How much more for a seven year old boy!

The night before Akyn’s performance, he expressed how scared he would be for the next day and we, as the parents could at least offer our words of encouragement to calm him down.

The day of the competition arrived and on our way to the venue as I held Akyn’s hand it was cold and sweaty.

Your hands are cold baby!

Because I’m scared Mama.” “I’m scared to introduce my name at the start and I’m scared to play the piano with so many eyes watching me.” “I’ll just kiss you so I won’t be scared!”(Yes, he is the sweetest little man!)

To be honest, Mon and I were also hiding our nervousness in front of Akyn. We do think that we do share the same emotions every time. If one of us feels happy, all feel the same and during that moment, all of us were nervous. The only difference was the parents were good in hiding our emotions. 🤣🤣

Tried to distract his attention by encouraging him to keep on saying I am brave to himself. He then started saying, “I’m brave!” “I’m scared!” “I’m brave!” “I’m scared!” “I’m brave!” “I’m scared!” “I’m brave!” “I’m scared!”

“Just only say I’m brave baby to help you think you’re a brave boy to perform.”

“But I’m also scared Mama.” “I’m brave but I am so scared, too!” Bless his little heart. I held his hand, squeezed it to assure him I’ll always be there for him until we came to the venue.

When he started to perform his piece, I held Mon’s hand because I can feel myself was almost about to cry my emotions out of how proud I am seeing him on stage doing his best to pull off a spectacular performance he will remember forever. I can’t put it into words how happy I am seeing my child enjoying the music.

Almost before he finished his Moonlight piece, he missed a note and we can see his face how terrified he was because he was definitely expecting it would be a failed performance. It caused me to stop my breath seeing his worried face looking at me. And you know what I did Pretty Mommas? I just smiled and nodded to him to continue. I was really praying the single mistake would not distract him to finish it. My prayers were answered! Akyn continued playing like nothing happened. It’s not even obvious to the audience if you aren’t familiar with the song. It was a very tricky piece to be performed by a seven year old with all the hand manoeuvres he needed to master.

A tight hug for our brave little boy after he conquered his fear from Mon and I. Although, his nervousness was gone but his face was so upset because of that one mistake and was so worried asking, “Will I still get my Pet Simulator prize Mama?”

Of course, whether he will win or not, he will still get our promised toy for being such a brave boy that day!

When the winners were announced. The three of us were quite and not expecting anything though hoping for the best. Yes, it was granted and he won the first place. Thank you God for another blessing this year.

Thank you as well teacher Mila for always teaching Akyn’s piano lessons.

Akyn received both a certificate and a wooden special award shield.

I am so proud of these three, Bela, AJ and Akyn. They all got a place during the music festival. We are all here to support your love for music guys.

And that’s my little champ happily posing for his prize. We love you baby Akyn.

A thankful heart to start the year with bliss is what we got! Happy new year,indeed!

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