My First Balikbayan Box

I’ve just finished having a videocall with my Papa and Mama who were excited to share their new hair cut style today. LOL. They are my favorite constant chatmates everyday as well as my sister with no days we won’t be talking to each other. It’s like part of my routine to check on them before Akyn goes to school in the morning so they can see their cheerful grandson to start the day happy.

Speaking of Akyn going to school today, he was two minutes late than his usual schedule in waiting for the school gate to open just because of this photo request of him plus trying to get used to ride his scooter on his way to school. Thank you Kuya Fred for this wonderful gift.

Look at that. Good thing he wasn’t late in class. We love Spring, don’t you?

While waiting for my Akyn’s home time I might as well do some blog post today. I’m excited to share my first Balikbayan Box to you. I can really feel now how a certified overseas nurse feels in getting so thrilled filling up my large box of goodies to be sent home for my family. I thought the excitement is only experienced by those receiving it but no. I am more than glad to see their reactions once they’ll see my hard earned effort to make them smile. To those sending their big boxes to Pinas, I’m officially part of the club now.

We used LBC express to send the box. I paid 95 GBP for your referrence for one large box.

Ordered this box since 2019 as my orginal plan was to use it to store my pasalubong when I went home last February of 2020 apparently I didn’t manage to fill it up. So now, with God’s blessings we did finally make it. Thanks to my shopping companions for helping me choose what to put in.

He wanted to strike a pose while finding some nice pieces of thrifted home decors. LOL

I bought all non perishable items first for my box and when it was three fourth full that was when we opted to buy all the sweets to put in.

Went to Makro Warehouse club to buy some bulk items at a cheaper cost compared to the regular grocery store in here. Please click here for the link of their website (Makro

Apart from our Balikbayan box, we also bought some for our own grocery stocks at home. Those on Akyn’s side is for him. Yeah, he separated the items on what’s for him and what’s for Mama. Clever!

Got loads of biscuits requested by them. They love biscuits more than the chocolates.

It was like this before the food items.

And now……

We will be heading today to shop some clothes to cover the top part of the box. Consume every space of it to maximize your shipping payment Mommas!

My target is to have the box collected by LBC this week. I can’t wait for my family to get it and see them happily unboxing all our presents. We do always believe that if you share more of your blessings, the more good things will also come to you in return especially if it’s your parents you’re sending the gifts of love to.


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