One Munchkin

I was sitting in my son's bed while staring at his wall full of blue stars with his name sticker in the middle of the white wall. A minute had passed, then two, three, four minutes more when Akyn finally broke the silence in his room to ask, "What are you doing Mama?" He looked at me then to the wall then back to me like trying to figure out if there's something interesting with the blank space I've been studying about. "I'm thinking about something." "What something Mama because I need to know?" "Something complicated!" I went down the... Read More

My First Balikbayan Box

I've just finished having a videocall with my Papa and Mama who were excited to share their new hair cut style today. LOL. They are my favorite constant chatmates everyday as well as my sister with no days we won't be talking to each other. It's like part of my routine to check on them before Akyn goes to school in the morning so they can see their cheerful grandson to start the day happy. Speaking of Akyn going to school today, he was two minutes late than his usual schedule in waiting for the school gate to open just... Read More


I thought that keeping mum would help you get away from conflict. Well I'm wrong. It's not true because if we do, people will start putting words into our mouth that we've never said, labeling actions we've never done, accusing thoughts we've never thought of at all. Cruel world where we are living. Whether we keep our distance from NEGATRONS or choose to negate with their opinions about us, there will always be something they will discuss against you in their own little circle of friends. In instances like this what would you normally do? For me, I'd rather find... Read More

Spontaneity Of Unplanned Trips

We’ve decided to spend our Sunday by strolling around the city together with our baby boy. The only day we are always excited to come. Why? Because it’s solely the day when we are both free to spend quality time with our toddler. No work to worry about, no schedules plotted to comply, happy to say we got a complete FREEDOM for Sunday. Thank you Lord! Nothing specific was planned for our itinerary. All we were certain to do was to enjoy the day or to buy something for ourselves. This is something nice about unplanned trips which I find... Read More