My Priorities

I was once invited to join a business refresher that tackled about setting your goals in life by knowing your priorities. The entire course aimed to let the participants achieve self fulfillment by realizing their goals in their lives. We were asked to write down our priorities based on the importance on which of them matters first.

My list included:


My family has always been my first priority. I was asked by my previous managers if I do have any plans of advancing myself into a higher position from my current role in the company. My answer always starts with a “NO” and then providing them with the reason behind why I was not interested to move up yet. I am happy and contented with what and where I am assigned now. Spending 5 days in the office in a week and delivering the numbers that the company asks for is more than enough in proving to my employer about how I care for my job. I love my job but I am not willing to sacrifice my family time just because of my career. Advancing to a higher position means greater responsibilities that may eat up my free time for my family which I couldn’t grant yet.

Now that I am married, I can’t afford to spend extra time in the office while neglecting my Wife and Mom duties. My rest days are allocated for me to bond with my family and not for overtime work.

How did I spend my rest days?

Going somewhere with these two♥

I had another fun-filled weekends with my family. We just roamed around Lapu-Lapu City looking for some pieces of furniture for our tiny house. We found a cute kiddie ride while strolling inside the mall. It was a coin-operated amusement ride designed to bring joy to the little mall goers.

While Akyn waits for his turn, the child who was about to experience the miniature truck Doraemon designed ride got scared and didn’t want to continue riding it. He cried and requested his parents to get him out of it. We then placed Akyn inside the moving kiddie ride and had him enjoy it until the power went off. We were expecting him to display the same fear that the other kid had experienced since it was his first time to ride one.

We had the opposite reaction from Akyn. He didn’t even bother sitting but opted to stand  while touching all the lights and the colorful parts of it. When the power went off, Mon inserted another coin while Akyn waits for the Doraemon Ride to move again.

I was able to capture a picture of how Akyn enjoyed it. You can’t even see any trace of anxiety on his face. This is one of the moments that I don’t want to miss as a mother. I want to see Akyn’s every “FIRST TIME” experience.

Who says I am scared huh?

Akyn wasn’t able to sleep well before we went out but look at how energetic he was. He walked around the aisles of the store without asking us to pick him up. Amazing kiddo!


My “Precious Gems”.

We all have our freedom to choose who and which one matters to us most. My husband and my son will always be at the top of my list. How about yours? Have you decided what and who to prioritize?

Nice morning to all.


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