Pain Attack

Not all bad things happen because they were meant to let people suffer. Rather, I’ve just realized these unfortunate circumstances occurred to open some doors for us to appreciate simple things in life that we can consider as priceless.

A week ago, I was forced to stay at home to recover from my swollen left foot. The pain was so sudden the night before the pain attack leaving me unprepared to face it. I haven’t slept well the whole evening suffering from the excruciating pain. Even the weight of my soft blanket touching my foot seemed already unbearable. The following day was the worst. I couldn’t afford to step it on the floor. From getting out of bed to walking or sitting, I had a hard time doing these simple routines.

I was already suspecting I may be suffering from a Gouty Arthritis with the symptoms presented. One of the advantages when you are a nurse is the ability to make your own initial diagnosis just merely basing to the bodily discomforts. Right, nurses? I’ve never expected to have this kind of illness as early as now. Am I getting old?

This is one of the classical manifestations of having an unhealthy lifestyle. My choice of food intake is now asking my body to suffer. I have to modify my diet RELIGIOUSLY or else I’m going to agonize for more of this unwanted soreness. No more processed food like canned goods. Goodbye to my favorite Spanish sardines. 😥I need to lower my consumption of salty food. What about my addiction to salty dried fish? Junk food is also not going to be part of my food list. I need to slash down my cravings for sweets. So many adjustments to make for a healthier way of living. This is not going to be an easy journey. What do you think?

So, the following morning, I knew I had to have myself checked by a doctor first to confirm what was really wrong with me. But how could I afford to travel if walking wasn’t possible? I was just so thankful my future brother in law, Eric surprised us with a visit when my sister told her about my condition. He drove us to the hospital and patiently waited until we were all done. Angels are everywhere. Do you believe on that? They can be in any form ready to help you during those times when you felt helpless. I may be in pain physically but my heart was celebrating with too much joy feeling the love of the people around me.

Eric and Akyn

My whole five days of rest were spent at home with my family. My toddler never left my side. I told him to behave because Mum wasn’t feeling well. Guess what was my child’s reaction. “Drink water Mommy and medicine ma OK Mommy.” Amazing how a two year old baby has the idea on how to attend to the sick. I have a future nurse here too. 😋

We slept side by side and what melted my heart more was when he never hesitated to say I love you Mommy with his eyes half open trying to battle the urge to sleep. I didn’t feel bored staying at home. I’m so thankful instead to have this moment of experiencing how the warmth of love of a family is. The assurance of having a strong support system is one of the most precious thing one could ever have.

Thank you Lord for being with me.♥

Stay healthy beautiful folks. Hope you have learned something from my experience.

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