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I’m starting to print out our latest family photos for my photo album collection. Call me an old school Momma, I won’t mind because it’s true. I prefer to have the printed copies of our pictures kept secured using a photo album rather than relying to the digital method of storing data. I like the feeling of touching the photos while reminiscing the beautiful memory behind it. Most of our shots were a DIY photo session with either me holding the camera or my husband. As long as we have a functioning camera with a pretty view for our background and of course, our happy disposition to pose, then getting a perfect output is never a challenge for photo lovers like us.☺

I made a mess in our living room as my work station for last night.


Got lots of new printed photos here.☺

I slept late last night because of my obsession to have  them all arranged. When I do my hobby I don’t just put them in the album just  for the purpose of having them safely stored. I got the idea  from my Mama to display the photographs in a way that it will give the viewers a story. Like for example, I placed my son’s photo in a chronological order from his birth up to his recent shots. It’s as if I am following my child’s development while flipping the pages. It makes me get emotional often times seeing how fast he grows, how adorable he becomes as years pass.

Here’s the album for his first birthday and Christening combined into one album.



I showed Mon my finished output when he arrived home. I can’t just sleep without bragging my work of art! I am proud of my DIY project and someone needs to recognize my effort before the day ends. LOL☺ While checking each leaf of our photo album, we caught ourselves laughing while recalling the memories embedded on them.





“He tried to fit himself inside the infant crib obviously missing his infant moments.” Mon’s reaction when he saw the photo of Akyn sitting inside a tiny crib. He looked ridiculously adorable. The photo refreshes our family time together spending a happy Sunday in one of the local play pen.

This is why I love hard copies of photos. I’m quite disappointed because only few stores sell photo albums with good quality. Maybe because people aren’t really fascinated in printing their pictures anymore. I tried searching in SM Seaside Cebu unfortunately what they had were only about 2 pieces of low quality albums. Gladly, I found one in Gaisano Tabunok with the last two designs left. I do hope they would still produce more options and designs of photo albums.

Something like this will do for me.


My favorite photo subject. I love you baby.☺ Let’s take more photos together.



  1. Keeping memories is one of the best hobbies we mothers should do. Our little ones are growing up so fast and the next time we know, they may be hitting their teens already. I love the idea on how you value those special moments.

    1. Exactly my thoughts about cherishing every moment with them. Thanks for dropping by.

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