Pilipinas Vacation 2023 Part 1

After three years we finally made it realized to visit back home in Cebu again. Too many things happened within my three years stay as an OFW in the UK. To mention the unexpected Covid 19 pandemic hit followed by the strict protocols in travelling especially in going out of the country. It made it very tedious to travel. I missed home every passing day and this moment shown in the photo is my most awaited day to set my feet back to my hometown. The feeling is still so fresh of how much I am so eager to get out of the plane and hug my family right away.

This is us too happy right at this moment for a safe travel. Enduring an almost 24hrs travel is nothing compared to the three years wait of visiting home.

My family taking a selfie whilst waiting for us to come out of the airport. Emotional meeting when we saw each other. It was like,”Lord, this is finally it!” “I AM HOME!

It was so timely for our travel plans with the on going family problems we are dealing with, being together helps a lot to ease the worry, to provide comfort for each of us and most of all, to gather strength to face this ordeal.

I do really appreciate all the people sending their prayers and support to our family. I am genuinely thankful for your thoughtfulness. The Lords’ goodness had never forsaken us during the toughest time. Thank you God.😍

On our first week of arrival, we visited Mon’s family. It was a bliss trip knowing Akyn will also meet his Dad’s family.

Thank you to our Abilar family for the warmest welcome.

I had to take this shot with Akyn. His Ate Gwyn designed the tarpaulin for all of us.

The Abilar kids. They aren’t complete. Some are still sleeping on this early morning photo.

My loving parents. I’m happy I made them smile during our entire trip with them not worrying about anything. They are both our precious gems in our family, our Papa and Mama.

Photo with Virgin Mary.

Everyday is a feast with the Abilar’s. Like literally everyday has one Lechon served. Thank you for the delish meals.

Kuya Aaron’s lechon stuffed with seafood inside is one of the best lechon I’ve ever tasted.

I asked Mon to order my favourite Alimango. The yummiest! I could forget my name while eating them.

Liebe’s Cafe in Naval has one of the tastiest food served. Kudos to Alya’s business

My Mama is the happiest spending time with his fave little man, her Apo.

The best beach trip is always back home. Clear and warm seawater is so addicting to go swimming everyday.

Akyn requested to experience planting a coconut tree prior to heading back to Cebu.

Inserting Me an in this shot. She wasn’t able to go with the trip due to work meetings. With the school opening in the next three weeks here, she’s so busy preparing her classroom for the kids. Though busy, Eric and Ann made time to spend with us during our entire trip.

My realization at this moment after all we’ve been through as a family is God never leaves His children. Our faith might be challenged, sanity will be squeezed until you feel like you are ready to give up but hold on dear friend because at the very end of the battle, He will always send His Angels giving us aid to overcome the darkness. I can testify God’s graciousness myself! I’ve been through it during the first week of August when I felt very worried about my family. God’s presence is felt when you are helpless.

To those who came to our aid when we needed so much support, Thank you! I will forever remember your kindness to us.

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