Pre Birthday Shoot Session with Akyn

Doing a pre-birthday shoot may be a little bit pricey if you’ll contact a professional photographer to do a personalized photo session. I’ve tried inquiring one and the initial charge was for a package of P10,000. The output samples were nice but I find it too expensive. What Mon and I did instead was to find something cheaper where we can save more. We bought a Woody costume through Shopee.  Akyn’s overall get-up including the hat was about P500. Then, we went to a photo studio, chose their glamour shots with free picture frames already. Our total expenses was only P1600 which included both the soft copies and the hard copies of the shots, as well as the chosen frame.  That was way cheaper, wasn’t it. I’ll show you some of Akyn’s photos and be amazed with how nice the pictures came out as we expected.

I’m so proud with my toddler. He was cooperative with the photographer’s instructions. My boy received a compliment for being a camera friendly baby. Undoubtedly true! Akyn never gave me a hard time taking his best shots every time I say pose. He’s so natural in doing it.(Mum’s pride)♥ There were even instances when he is the one who will request for it before we leave the house for a selfie.

The chosen photo frame.


I love you adorable little man.☺



“Smile with mouth close baby.”


“Smile with an open mouth this time.”


“Place your foot on your opposite knee and let Woody face the camera too.”


“Sit straight and smile.”


Those were the simple instructions to get the best angle from Akyn. Our photo shoot turned out to be a happy experience. Mon and I were on the background who were both more than excited to let Akyn follow the photographer. We were like the noisy cheerleaders cheering the main star of the event to shine.

“Baby smile and follow Daddy’s smile.” Then Mon showed us his funny look. I’m not sure if Mon was trying to let Akyn follow him or he wanted to join the photo with his little twin boy born from a different generation.

My part was to make sure Akyn’s hair and costume were all set for the shoot. “Baby, you have to smile to look handsome on your birthday photo, okay.” My toddler only responded with a nod and a smile.

“What’s going on with them?” “Why are they trying to let me smile for no reason?” If I could only voice out my son’s reaction, this would be the perfect statement from my toddler.

Photo Studio: Photoline SM City Cebu

Contact information: +63 32 238 9589





  1. The photos were darn cute. Good to know you found a cheaper way to do a pre birthday photo shoot for Akyn. We also do our own DIY pictures here because having a professional photographer is very expensive. My budget can’t afford it

    1. We really need to consider the prices before getting it as it may ruin our house budget for everything. Thanks for dropping by.

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