Sleepless Warrior

We are now in the middle month of the year. How’s everyone doing? If we are still breathing up to this point then we should be thankful for surviving. It’s not yet the end of the battle though as there is no vaccine available yet against Covid 19. No time to be complacent, not the right time to ignore those precautions to keep everybody safe.

Three days off Mommas but felt like it’s too short for me to complete all the things I wanted to do at home. You know all the cleaning stuff I got to make as the cleaning fairy in our house. Apart from those chores I also got some relaxation activities been wanting to do if the workaholic me isn’t at work

This is me coming from a night shift. Had a quick shower, breakfast then proceeded to another commitment for a work interview. One of the perks of being a nurse in the UK is having loads of opportunities to practice our profession here in different areas which equates to additional income. The new normal for now having to put on mask every time. Do I look like a sleepless Momma on this photo? Hope not!(LOL)

I took this shot from where I will be rendering my service as a nurse. So pretty! I couldn’t miss the chance of getting a snap shot of it.

Application went well. Thank you Lord. All I need to wait are the paper works to get completed. So what’s next on the list for my first day of time off. UK’s several business establishments got their own way of appreciating us the NHS workers in different ways. For the first day of opening of Sportsdirect, one of my to go shops in Hull, they offered a 50% off on all items for all NHS workers. Yay! Even if the item is already on sale it is still eligible for the half the price discount.

Somebody is more excited than me for the said sale.

Because it’s the first day of opening after the lockdown it is expected to see a very long queue of customers waiting plus the social distancing rule which would mean limiting the number of customers inside the store. Didn’t mind the 15 minute waiting game. I’m still thrilled to shop with my mask on and my hand sanitizer, I’m all set to shop.

These are my shopping haul. For my baby boy got these lovely navy ocean green trainer shoes chosen by Michio, my shopping buddy. It fits him well. I only brought one pair of shoes of my Akyn when we came here because our baggage was about to exceed the limit. Anyway, there are plenty of options here for me to get him a new one just like this one.

I bought a gift to myself a new white pair of trainers. I’m starting to love whites now! You can pair them in any outfit plus it looks neat to look at, isn’t it? They are all very affordable Mommas. If I am going to convert them to Philippine currency it’s about 600 to 700 Php. When UK says it’s on SALE, it is really 100% sale. No hidden sale tactics.

Bought the helmet for my bike. I’ve already used it yesterday when we went for a little stroll in KCOM park. I’ll send the backpack to my sister back home. She loves all types of bags. More addicted than me to it.

I find these type of undies more comfy to wear and sexy to look at. Will also last long with everyday wash compared to those lacy type of knickers. Mon’s bubble jacket wasn’t included in my documentation as he kept it right away while I’m still doing my pictorial. Arggh!

I’m the happiest no sleep shopper of the day. Yay! Sometimes we just got to find our own way of happiness despite the everyday struggle in life. Make the most of everyday’s offered pleasure.

Nice morning!


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