SM Seaside Cebu First Visit

The three of us finally decided to visit SM Seaside Cebu last Sunday after almost three years from the date when it opened. Yey! One down from our checklist. We kept on postponing our attempt to go there every time we had a chance to, simply because we felt lazy traveling. What a great excuse! Last weekends, our laziness turned into eagerness to have a family bonding. Another first time for us  to enjoy.☺

If you can notice my previous posts always talk about making the most of our family time that’s because new opportunities are knocking which may greatly affect our time of being together. God bless my heart to be ready in accepting new challenges the future may unfold.

Anyway, how was our first trip together in SM?

We toured around each level checking the boutiques for every floor. All I can say was wow! I’m just thankful big malls are getting closer to the southern part of Cebu. Pretty amazing! It’s really huge with lots of brands for all your needs. Pardon my excitement as a first time mall goer!☺

We’ve also witnessed the ice skating section. How I wish I can try skating again. The last time I tried skating was way back in grade school using roller-skates not ice skating. I hope my legs can still remember to do such once I’ll skate again. Have you tried ice skating in SM too?

Apart from the parents happiness with the place, my toddler was the one who enjoyed the most walking around. He got so overjoyed finding one of the cutest cotton candy from Hannah’s Sweet Treat.


Those were the designs you can choose for the same price P55.00


Isn’t that adorable?☺ The happy kiddo getting a sweet treat last Sunday.img_20181111_1559366810875873287389428.jpg

The cuteness of this cotton candy had no effect to Akyn. He ate it without hesitating to deform its design.


His signature pogi points pose.


Food is everywhere. You’ll get overwhelmed with the choices on where to eat.☺ A quick break for the tired feet. I forgot what were the names of these from Sbarro menu.  We were a bit hungry to take note.Hahaha

For Mon.


For Mich.


Akyn had both.


It’s a challenge finding a nice photo when you have a playful toddler who loves making faces in front of the camera.


As they said, you can’t say you went to SM Seaside if you can’t have a selfie with the cube. So, here we got one.


You are a mother when you can’t find a decent shot for yourself because you now have an adorable photo bomber with you.


My life in one photo.


We had a terrific weekends. Looking forward for more of these happy moments with them.☺



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