January Home Decor

Went to one of the shops with my boy after his class and one of the store clerk asked, "Are you Espanyol?" Responded with a brief answer, "I am not Spanish!". He continued, "Are you Nihao, then?" I am not certain if I should laugh with the question or get irritated with it because nihao isn't even a nationality at all. I took my change from what I bought, told him, "I AM A FILIPINO!'' I've been in this country for almost four years now and yet, I still feel Filipinos are part of the invisible group with little information... Read More

Fall Season Pumpkin Picking

I've finished this book, The Point of Retreat which is the second sequel of CoHo's book entitled Slammed. It was definitely another legend she has created to continue the love story of Will and Layken. I'm on the third book now called This Girl. I'm crossing my finger I'll also fall in love with her creation again. I got hooked with the first book where she introduced about an activity called poetry slam in the story where a group of young people gather together in a club to courageously recite their own made poems expressing their deepest emotions of something.... Read More

London Fourth Day

Finally, the last bit of our London trip is completed. I've been procastinating this morning as to when I'm going to sit and start writing for today's post because I'm ahmmmmm too lazy to get up on a Monday morning. We all have those sluggish days, don't we? It's when the bed is to comfy to let go of the duvet covers whilst enjoying the warmth and softness of the bed. Adulting struggle is real Pretty Mommas. I have also finished reading a book written by Taylor Jenkins Reid whilst in bed. The book was such a gem. I'll blog... Read More

London Day 1

Akyn's opening of class will still be this Wednesday. More bonding time with my Bokyn at home on this rainy morning. We will do some playtime activities after finishing this post. I'm here to share our recent family trip. Writing in our Akynfullhouse website to document another unlocked happy moment for this half term break for our Akyn on a lovely spring season. A great time to go on a family holiday. We've planned for this trip since the beginning of this year and thanks God our request for a time off was granted. It was hitting two birds in... Read More

A Walk In The Park

First day of school for our boy after his two weeks off today. "Are you going to miss me Mommie? Because I won't be missing you while I'm in school?" He blurted out while having breakfasts focused on his tablet watching cartoons not even looking at me. "Why won't you miss me? I'm going to think of you a lot today waiting for you to come home! That's not fair. " Sometimes, NO, wrong word, it should be often times, we mothers are so dramatic in every little things. Don't you agree?(LOL) He then explained to me pointing to the... Read More

York Travel Part 1

It's the first day of our national lockdown here. How does it feel? Kind of the same situation during the first lockdown where non essential stores are close again like pubs, gyms and shopping centres. People are ask to stay at home more not unless going out for an important reason. Schools are still open though which would mean an everyday walk with my boy in going to school. We're being vigilant in updating ourselves with the recent announcements from the government because every now and then new laws tend to be implemented unexpectedly. I do hope everyone is coping... Read More

Reality Bites

Good morning fellas! It's my fifth day for my rest day. Wow! First time ever to experience such a lengthy time off. Only a few overtime shifts are being offered now in the hospital which is quite new to me because usually loads of extra shifts are available. Anyway, I'm not complaining at all as it's quite scary to go on duty now with the pandemic still unresolved, isn't it? I've been working as an overseas nurse for a year and three months now. How was it to work away from our home? Loads of nice things to enjoy. However,... Read More

Let’s Paint

Before moving to a another place to start a new job, I spent my remaining free days with my family. Who wouldn't want to do that especially if you know it is going to take quite a few months or even a year to be together. God bless my heart to endure it. Last Monday was my scheduled flight and a day before that, while waiting for my airline ticket confirmation, we decided all to visit SM City. It's rare for me to visit a mall without having a concrete plan on what exactly am I going to do there.... Read More

The Approval

It took me an hour to convince my toddler to let me borrow Dellia (my laptop) so I can start blogging again. That’s the life of a mom, most of the time, you need to adjust your planned schedules when your child is requesting you to stop doing anything and just focus your attention to him. Who can say no to your cutest source of joy? How did you all spent your Valentine’s Day? One thing I love about the Valentine’s Day is the fact that we can express our love to someone without the fear of getting labeled as... Read More

Osting’s by the Sea Restaurant, Bar + Grill

We planned to have a dinner together a month before my birthday. There’s something so special for this year to be together. I don't have the definite answer if we can still make this family time as often as we wanted to by the moment my new opportunities for my professional growth will start to get realized. As much as we do have the time, then will make the most of it for now. [caption id="attachment_8311" align="aligncenter" width="3000"] Mama, My sister Me An and her BF Eric[/caption] Please excuse my overly focused face. ☺ [caption id="attachment_8303" align="aligncenter" width="3000"] The opposite side of... Read More

SM Seaside Cebu First Visit

The three of us finally decided to visit SM Seaside Cebu last Sunday after almost three years from the date when it opened. Yey! One down from our checklist. We kept on postponing our attempt to go there every time we had a chance to, simply because we felt lazy traveling. What a great excuse! Last weekends, our laziness turned into eagerness to have a family bonding. Another first time for us  to enjoy.☺ If you can notice my previous posts always talk about making the most of our family time that’s because new opportunities are knocking which may greatly... Read More

Spontaneity Of Unplanned Trips

We’ve decided to spend our Sunday by strolling around the city together with our baby boy. The only day we are always excited to come. Why? Because it’s solely the day when we are both free to spend quality time with our toddler. No work to worry about, no schedules plotted to comply, happy to say we got a complete FREEDOM for Sunday. Thank you Lord! Nothing specific was planned for our itinerary. All we were certain to do was to enjoy the day or to buy something for ourselves. This is something nice about unplanned trips which I find... Read More

The Importance Of Play

It’s one of a difficult task for us working Mom’s in making sure our time between our career and our roles as a mother are both balanced. We can’t afford to sacrifice our motherly role to our kids just to satisfy the demands of our jobs and vice versa. If one of our obligations is compromised, it’s going to give us lots of stress to fulfill the gaps of our responsibilities. Perks of being a Super Momma! During our rest days, Mon and I will always find a bonding moment with our Akyn. Having a child doesn’t only mean providing him with his basic needs and... Read More

Making The Most Of My Family Time

Every rest day, I scheduled it as a day to spend with my family especially with my toddler. I am making the most of everything while I still can, before my dreams will be fully realized which may affect my time with my loved ones. I refrain from engaging myself to anything work related during my time off. Rest days for me, now, are meant to be enjoyed with them. I work when I am at work and I rest while being with my family when it’s my scheduled day off. I have so much in my to-do -list to... Read More

Spontaneous Family Fun

One thing that I love about unplanned trip is that there is a higher probability it will push thru compared to those planned family get-away. I don't have the exact rationale on why is that so but I am just basing it in my own experience.  And in line with my stand about unplanned fun time off,  I just had an amazing family unscheduled day off last weekends. Last Saturday, my sister called me to help her decide what printer she may need to purchase for her class. It's a classroom yearly project from the gracious heart of her students' parents contribution. Public schools here normally do this where each students... Read More

Socializing My Toddler

Mon and I planned it a week ago we will bring Akyn to a playhouse in one of the Malls in Cebu for the first time, for him to see the other kids playing. We wanted him to increase his social skills since he spends most of his time at home playing alone and seldom sees other children. Akyn is still a year and 3 months old with social skills which are not yet developed. When we brought him to the play house, he tended to engage mostly in a Parallel play. He played next to the other children without... Read More