We’ve been hesitating whether to push thru with our preparations for our city fiesta or just to cancel it due to the recent sad accident that happened few weeks ago in Naga City. Many are still grieving, yes, with lots of families displaced because of the tragic event. Sad year for the city of Naga, isn’t it?

However, we got some visitors who customarily visit our house every year to celebrate with us. It would be too inconsiderate to have nothing to serve them after traveling from quite a distance merely to get to our place. Like a yearly gathering activity, we didn’t hire for a caterer. A do-it-your-own cooking session happened at home which I find it more exciting.

From the planning of what food to prepare to the cooking of the dishes, we all got them covered. Wow! It was a tiring job, honestly, but we definitely enjoyed every bit of exhaustion. Me and my husband were in charged of the slicing of the ingredients depending on what type of food to be prepared. My Mama was our main chef for the event while Papa did all the cleaning of the food utensils. Too organized, right? My toddler also has his part for the event as our main source of laughter. A tedious task is easier to finish if you have a cheerful toddler with you. Will excuse my sister for this year because teachers were required to report to their classes to compensate those  school days affected in the past week.

Here are DIY foodies for our fiesta☺ When my son saw the table set up, he was right away asking for a cake for him to blow the candles. He really thought it was his birthday. Too early Akyn♥. We have two more months to go for your natal day my love.


For the second time around, I made my own version of Embutido. I steamed it a night before to allow it to get refrigerated overnight. Success!☺


My Mama’s specialties.


Chop Suey








Arroz Valenciana

Only a few number of visitors came since the feast fell on a weekday where most people are working. Still, I am happy we got the chance to celebrate St. Francis of Assisi City of Naga fiesta. A time given to be joyous and be thankful for all the blessing from Heaven.

Happy Fiesta Naga.☺