Start of the Festive Season

Christmas is really coming so near guys and I can’t wait for the happiest special day to come. Although, the weather is getting colder and colder as we get nearer to the winter season, I still love December. My Akyn’s birthday is also this month adding to the list of what so special at the end of the year. He loves Christmas the same as I do, my little best friend forever, my always ready photobomber in every photo.

Our home decorations for Christmas are all up. I didn’t buy much decor for this year because I got so much stuff already enough for our little home. I only bought few bits and bobs to add.

Anyway, here’s the sum up of what’s up in my life during the beginning of the festive month.

Please greet my favourite little man ready to be with me when I’m requesting for a photo.😍

Our little cozy home is photo ready for the Christmassy theme. The size of the house doesn’t really matter as long as we know how to make it more homey and add our personality in our house, it will still be the home perfectly suited for us.

Few weeks ago, we witnessed the yearly Christmas parade near St. Charles. It was absolutely fun with all the fancy costumes of different participants. The weather started to drizzle but we opted to stay and finish enjoying watching the street event.

We normally visit our fave Chinese restaurant, the Oriental Palace, during weekends when I’m too lazy to prepare home cooked meals.

Friend rice and fried squid tentacles are Akyn’s choice for lunch.😍

Finishing the lazy Sunday evening with Netflix and few sips of wine to chill out before facing another work week,😍

The shopping centre near our house is already brightly decorated with Christmas lights. It’s one of the advantages of where our home is located because we are near the city centre. It will only take less than five minutes walk and we are already in the main shops of the city. The downside is I am always tempted to shop whenever I can.(LOL)🤣

When Mon is in working in York, my Akyn is my shopping buddy completing all the Christmas shop list we needed to finish. I am not done yet wrapping gifts because of my too much love to sleep during cold seasons.🤣🤣🤣I normally plan my day to shop after noon time and would take a nap in the morning after sending Akyn to school and just to find out I slept the whole day. Then, it’s time to pick up Akyn again!

We had snow few weeks ago! I love snow when I am at home but not when I am working especially if I am going on a day shift. I have to combat my body’s unwillingness to wake up early, still very dark outside and to get out of the house to be greeted with a horrible coldness.😅

I love it when we are all at home. Ordering take away pizza and choosing what’s the trending movie to binge.

We also had a little Christmas gathering with all my Filipino workmates in the ward. I’m so happy we are already five Pinoys in our department. It used to be me only me(lonely)😂. It’s more fun to work with our fellow kababayans when I have someone to speak our language finally.

All our favourite food back home.

Thank you guys for the loveliest evening to remember. I still had a shift the following day and I felt so rough working but then no regrets spending time with this lovely bunch. Spent the evening with laughter and funny stories to share. We need to plan for the next gathering.

Raising the flag for the Filipino pride of world class nurses working abroad. It ain’t easy to be one but it’s so worth it touching someone’s life at the end of the day.

Advance Merry Christmas pretty Mommas.😍

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