Starting All Over Again

On the second day of my time off I did loads of task to do some clean up in our little flat. Well done to me! Now that my family is here I felt like my accommodation is too small for the three of us. Unlike before when it was only me who seldom stays home during rest days as I rather would go to either the gym or do some shopping, sometimes to my friend’s house. Totally opposite from now because we spend more time at home together.

My flat here is like a little condo type if we will compare it to the Philippine setting. We don’t have any lawn or backyard of ours to enjoy the weather. It’s just a tiny flat good for a small family.

Coming here means a lot of changes to get used to. It also means leaving everything that we’ve already started. We used to stay in a mortgaged house where it’s now my parents who are currently staying to look after it. Here, we still rent a flat. We’ve managed to little by little buy some pieces of furniture for our house back home. Almost everything we used in this place were provided by my Landlord, we’re grateful for that. I don’t have any plans of hoarding those huge stuff  and have a hard time carrying them once we will get the chance to move. I’d rather start buying them when we can have a place we can call as OURS.

Migrating then means starting all over again. It’s not what others think of having everything right away after coming to a different country just because you got a stable job. It rather means accepting to start your life from scratch with nothing but courage to do it all over again.

Why am I writing this? Simply want to express the reality of the life of migrating families letting everyone know what it’s like to be one. It’s not that easy, is it? Well that’s the beauty of life, CHANGES. (wink)

Anyway, I’ll be going on shift in a few hours. So, before going to work made some colorful DIY makeover for my boring black laptop. Something to make me inspired in writing for my blog.


Bought these stickers from Amazon. Assorted 50 pieces pink stickers.


The output for my activity with my cute model holding it.


Getting inspired to do things I love while patiently waiting until everything settles like how it used to be.

Good morning lovelies!



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