Stay At Home

How does it feel staying at home without thinking of getting early the following day to report to work? Absolutely relaxing. I’ve been wanting to experience this to get some free time away from stress. I should savor this moment while waiting for something to get me going facing the reality again of a working Momma life.

So what keeps me busy at home? Nothing, just spending a quality time with my family especially with my Akyn.

I’ve mentioned to you in one of my post about my experience of getting my arm muscles sore after I manually used a pump to inflate our inflatable pool at home. It was terribly tiring. Please don’t follow me. My toddler requested for another pool time with me. Goodness gracious! I’m being put into test again for my endurance. I swore to myself I’ll NEVER try using the pump again. I don’t have plans to be part of the body builder mommies club.

Let me show you our pump. This is the manual air filler I used before. I’m guessing its main use is only intended for small floaters or for balloons but not for big pools like we have at home.


And our pool is as big as this.



I’ll be a female version of Johnny Bravo  in a month of doing this. I can’t even imagine myself with such body figure.☺Thankfully, Mon bought me a much bigger air pump. It’s way easier to fill the pool with air without straining my arm muscles as it pumps air in both doing an up and down strokes while giving high volume of air for our inflatable pool. It also has four different nozzle sizes to fit most valves. Amazing!


We got it from Toy Kingdom in SM City Cebu for only P599. They also have a smaller version of it for P399 but according to the salesman you’ll have a little bit of difficulty in using it because of its size. Here we go again with the size of the pump. He’s right! As he demonstrated it, you got to bend more while using it unlike this bigger one. It’s only P200 difference anyway.


After a few minutes of pumping, I managed to get everything ready for our pool day. These cute kiddie floaters were from Shoppee, my favorite online store for toys.





Success! My child got to enjoy the water without me feeling exhausted.



I love you baby. Let’s enjoy playing while my schedule can still accommodate it.

Monday it is! Happy working day to all working Mommas.


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