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My rest days have never been boring, aside from the fact that I am going to spend my time off from work with my family, I can also do the things that I love to do for my husband and my toddler. These are the reasons which make me always excited to look forward for it to come.

I made a sweet dessert last Saturday, an easy to prepare Mango Float to make this frowning cutie smile.


Here are the ingredients in making a Mango Float. You can adjust the quantity of each ingredients depending on how many layers you would like to come up with.



  • Graham Crackers
  • Ripe Mangoes peeled and diced
  • Condensed milk
  • All purpose Cream
  1. Remove the skin of the ripe mangoes. Mangoes’ skin is bitter to taste and should not be included in your recipe. After peeling off the skin you may start to dice the mango and set aside.IMG20170519185605
  2. Mix your all purpose with condensed milk. I was able to find Kremdensada from one of our local grocery outlets. It includes a mixture of all purpose cream and condensed Milk.IMG20170519185921
  3. I also mixed the ripe mangoes to the Kremdensada mixture ready to be poured on the crushed Graham crackers. You have an option not to mix the diced mangoes from the liquid mixture so you can sprinkle it separately after the liquid mixture is poured on top of the layered crackers.IMG20170519185943
  4. I used a crushed Graham crackers as the first layer for the dessert.IMG20170519190816
  5.  Slowly pour the mixture of all purpose cream,condensed milk and diced mangoes on top of the crushed Graham crackers.IMG20170519192119
  6. Add another layer of crushed Graham crackers and top it with another layer of the Kremdensada and mango mixture. You can repeat the process depending on how many layers you want to make.img20170519192058.jpg


Enjoy the sweetness. ?



  1. Thanks for sharing this very yummy ingredients. God Bless Your Family ?

    1. Thanks for visiting Yancy. God Bless you too. Happy Easter

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