What Blue Feels Like

I felt a bit blue earlier today while doing nothing at home. Have you gone through such down moment too? Maybe because I’m far from my family. ALONE for the very first time in my life. I’m having an adjustment crisis. It’s not an easy road indeed to be an overseas worker.

My schedule was free this morning. Hooray! The negative side of being idle is you don’t have anything to make you busy. It became an opportunity then for me to realize I have nobody in my family to spend my free time with. Awful, isn’t it? Reality sinked in that I am thousand miles away from my LIFE. I know I made this choice. The choice of wanting to have a better way of living for them. This is exactly the sacrifice I will be dealing with for the rest of my journey until everything will fall into places where I can bring them with me. God help me please to make that dream be real. See, I’m praying while blogging this. That’s how desperate I am to be with them.

I started my day with a rosary prayer. My powerful weapon is prayer. I felt a lot better, yes. Then, half of my day started with our lunch with my co-nurse. I only got one companion as of the moment. We are only two in our flat because the other eight nurses in our batch already got another place to stay nearer to our assigned hospital. It’s only the two of us left here because we were still arranging with the landlady about our transfer. This is one of my worries actually. Hoping to get this fixed tomorrow. Crossing my finger guys.

I haven’t eaten rice for days now. Im crazy craving for it. If you could just imagine how terrible it would be. While walking on the streets with shaking legs battling the 9 degrees temperature, luckily we found one cheap decent meal for the first time. We went to HOT and TASTY CHICKEN located somewhere in Newland Hull.

That’s the packaging. They call it Chips and Chicken. What I knew as fries in the Philippines is termed as chips here. Something new for me, yeah.


and this is what’s inside. It cost us two pounds for one serving. I usually convert the price from Pounds to Philippine Peso before I buy anything. If the price is beyond 2 pounds for food, I consider it expensive at this moment. That’s fairly normal if you’re new here. You get to be so conscious with what you spend and how much you pay. UK cost of living is too high compared to Cebu but to be fair in terms of some items like grocery, clothes, sweets, chocolates, and shoes, some stores are way cheaper here. As long as you know where to go to. I need to master that soon.


We’re done with the lunch. For our next appointment I felt kind of disappointed because I needed to repeat the same procedure again by Monday for blood extraction. Just some medical screening required for the job. They haven’t found a good site to extract blood. Maybe because of the weather or my body could have not recovered yet from the exhausting travel and the adjustment period. At the same instance, I also got a confirmation of a problem with our plan to move to a new place and then another concern also aroused.

I was holding myself not to let my tears drip because of too much dismay. I said a little prayer to ask help about it. He knows up there I only have HIM in this battle. He can move mountains for me when I think it’s hopeless. And indeed after a few minutes, he sent someone to drive us through our next appointment. First on the list was a success, followed by the next task and before I knew it, all my concerns were taken cared of. Thank you Lord. My prayers were answered in one snap of a finger.

Some bonus treats received which were not part of my big concerns for today. Like this tub of sweets given by Rob. He’s one of the person in charged to look after us. Thank you Rob.


Their candies here are very cheap. That’s for only two pounds and you can fill it all up of assorted sweets. My heart fluttered with too much joy. My Akyn would love this if he is only here now. (sigh)


We got them from Wilko in Prospect Shopping Centre Hull. I’ll let you see the assorted choices you can get.


Wow! I can’t say anything more. I’m literally speechless. I know now where to bring my toddler someday.


It turned out to be a not so bad day eventually. For all overseas worker like me, NEVER forget to talk to Him if you think you’re load is too heavy to carry. He will listen to us. It may not be an easy road along the way, but I know God is just there watching and waiting for us to seek help from HIM.

Thank you Lord for letting me survive the day.



  1. take care insan..ofw kndin pla..ganda ng blog mo nkk inspire..dont worry lahat ng sacrifices mo my kapalit always be humble lang ang doble ingat..lslo n pg mslayo sa mga mahal😍

    1. Salamat po Ate.. Nahirapan talaga ako mag adjust sa ngayon first time ko po kasi.. Ingat ka din po. Salamat sa paalala tatandaan ko po yan

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