Chicken Cordon Bleu-No Bake

Our home renovation project for my parents house ended yesterday. I can finally say, "IT’S OVER!” We’re free from all the stresses both physically and financially. It’s a tiring process but once you'll see the end results of the changes, you’ll be happy and proud seeing the fruit of your hard work. So, what’s the plan after finishing the job? Because I was exhausted, I got zero plans. Bummer! I want to cook something that I haven't tried before but I didn't get the time to do some groceries. Good thing, we had some left over ingredients available. I experimented cooking Chicken Cordon Bleu, the no-bake method... Read More

A Taste of My Favorite Korean Dishes

It was so ironic that last Friday was supposedly called as my rest day from work, however, it seemed like my day started full packed with schedules. I started my morning with a scheduled commitment as early as 9:00 AM travel time and arrived to my destination at around half past eleven in the morning, after 2 hours of getting stuck from a heavy traffic due to the unexpected rain. How terrible was that experience! I'm still thankful that the meeting was successful though I came late. After the first task of mine, I proceeded to my second engagement, the planned... Read More

Weekend Special

I just had an amazing weekend well spent with my family. My Papa and my Sister visited us at home. It’s seldom that all of us can be together due to our work schedules and the travel time that it will take from my parent’s house to our own house. It takes about 2 to 3 hours of travel and it’s difficult for us to travel with Akyn on board. A month ago when we were traveling by bus, Akyn had been screaming without pause crying hysterically throwing an extreme tantrums. He hates being  stuck in a place where there... Read More

Akyn’s 1st Birthday Preparations (December 30,2016)

Akyn's birthday fall on the 30th of December which is celebrated as Rizal's Day here in the Philippines. December is such a busy month with all the Christmas parties and Reunion parties, that means we needed to book our suppliers as early as possible last year. I was the one who chose the birthday theme for Akyn (mother knows best). As you all know from my previous post (Akyn's Christening) that I had shared about how much I am into bears, so this time I opted to have Winnie the Pooh and Friends birthday theme. I'll share with you some... Read More

I am Here to Serve My Husband

If you apply for a credit card, written disclosures are provided to the customers to be informed of the benefits as well as the terms and conditions of the bank in using the card. When Mama knew about our plan to get married, she gave Mon a verbal disclosure about me and said, “Are you sure you want to marry my daughter?" "She doesn’t know any household chores." "She can’t even cook a decent fried egg?” I was expecting Mon to provide a sugar-coated answer but it was a straightforward response I’ve heard. “I’ll teach her,” he said. What a... Read More