I am Here to Serve My Husband

If you apply for a credit card, written disclosures are provided to the customers to be informed of the benefits as well as the terms and conditions of the bank in using the card. When Mama knew about our plan to get married, she gave Mon a verbal disclosure about me and said, “Are you sure you want to marry my daughter?” “She doesn’t know any household chores.” “She can’t even cook a decent fried egg?” I was expecting Mon to provide a sugar-coated answer but it was a straightforward response I’ve heard. “I’ll teach her,” he said. What a short and concise reply!

I won’t deny it! I really didn’t know how to cook before I married Mon. My Mama kept on urging me I should learn to prepare my husband’s meal. It’s one way of showing you care for your spouse. I am an obedient daughter and followed her advise.

Who would like to eat processed food everyday? Buying food from the restaurant is a bit pricey, and you can’t be certain about how clean the food was prepared.

How did I miraculously learned to cook? I’ll share to you my secret.

We still didn’t have an internet connection at home during the first year of our marriage. For me to get the recipe of the food I wanted to cook, I needed to copy the ingredients at work. Mr. Google was my sidekick for my target to be a good wife. During my lunch breaks, I listed the ingredients and the recipe using a PEN and PAPER. Too much effort to exert but I was more than happy to do it for him and for myself too.

After shift, I went straight to the grocery store to buy the ingredients  I needed for the day. I did it everyday until I became familiar with the basic skills in the kitchen. He never failed to provide me his feedback after tasting each dish. The best compliment I got from him was when he said, “Baby you’re the best rookie!” It was a powerful gift for me to reinforce my value as his wife. During rest days, we made cooking as an activity we can bond together. We did grocery shopping together and helped each one at home to come up with something we haven’t tried preparing in the kitchen. Learning was both fun and easy.

Few samples for you ☺


It is not impossible to learn new skills if you’re strong-willed to learn. I am determined to serve my husband the best possible way I can. I want to show him how much I adore him through my actions, not through my words. When I married him, I accepted the task  that God allowed me to complete whatever is lacking in his life, to inspire him to become a better spouse, to lift his spirit when he is in sorrow and to serve him in my own unique way that ONLY me can provide.

We are committed to this vow:

To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.


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